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Has anyone ever had a legit top-up from the night before duplicate itself the next day…? It’s gone out of my account but vanished into thin air on Freetrade’s end. :man_shrugging:

I’m in touch with both Freetrade and Monzo support but it seems like it’s heading down the chargeback route which sounds like a slow moving process.

The original two transactions were made through the Google Pay top up method in Freetrade. All 4 transactions are no longer pending and have settled. The legit transfers have this merchant: freetrade io INTERNET GBR and the duplicates: freetrade io \68 Hanbury Street\INTERNETE1 5JL GBR

The duplicates both came out at exactly 06:01 the next day. Freetrade can see the original top ups but not the unauthorized ones the next day.

So I’ve basically had £500 vanish from my account. :thinking: First time I’ve had to dispute a transaction so I’ll see how it goes!

Annoyingly it’s also pushed me into and over (?!) my overdraft limit which I didn’t think was possible. But Monzo have been lovely and frozen any charges while they look into it. :+1: Freetrade have been pretty great too. :slightly_smiling_face:

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:point_up_2: This had been sorted now. It was a problem with their (Freetrade) payment processor/MasterCard. The duplicates were reversed 4 days later. :+1:

With the monzo or Freetrade processor?


“Our payments provider confirmed this was a duplicate-processing issue with MasterCard. These duplicates have been reversed by MC, and customer accounts were refunded the excess amounts.”


For anyone tracking Freetrade they dropped 250 new shares on the platform yesterday including some real doozies. Worth a rummage if anyone doesn’t already have a Freetrade or Trading212 account…

NET was a nice surprise addition. I thought I’d read on their community that it wouldn’t be in the first batch, so I caved and bought some shares on Revolut. Nice to see them add it though, I’ve been wanting shares in them for a while.

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I do use freetrade and mostly like it. Am increasingly though tempted to move to trade 212. I have read before that people do say that freetrade has a long term vision, is innovative etc but am more and more finding difficult to justify my reasons for staying. I noted that Trade 212 have launched the beta in automated investing which is very cool. They also have a lot more stocks etc not to mention zero fees for ISA. Thoughts??

What is everyone’s thoughts on fractional shares that were just released?

I’m in two minds over them. I both love and hate it at the same time. I’ll try to explain.

I like the reasoning behind their approach. For people new to investing it’s probably going to make more sense for them to be able to invest a set amount of money in the company. And that’s probably great for portfolio balancing too.

At the same time it’s an inconsistent experience because you can’t buy U.K. fractionals, and you don’t have the option to buy just whole US shares either. And I’m just not entirely sure if I prefer my share number to be evenly rounded, or the amount I’ve invested, but that’s honestly just nitpicking, even though it’s extremely frustrating to me. What would make this better is some consistency across the board, and perhaps an either or option where you can either choose to invest an amount or choose the number of shares you want.

Their reasoning for why they did that way makes a lot of sense to me though, and I do think it’s a good approach. But it feels very polarising in the typical Apple sense whenever they decide to go against the status quo and change things up. There will be people who want things to be the old way, and people who will like the newer way.

I think as people adjust, they might, including myself, prefer to invest exact £ amounts rather than buying exact numbers of shares, but in order for people to adjust that needs to be made consistent and normal for all stocks going forward, not just US ones.

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What issues?

I was actually very against it, but then I came round to the idea more. I guess I realised a share is just a meaningless % of a company. So why not just invest £X into a company.

I think automatic reinvesting dividends is one of my favourite parts


FYI Freetrade are running a promotion to celebrate reaching 200,000 users. You get a chance to win a share in Tesla (around $1500) when you refer a friend. Both of you get your normal free share and a chance to win.

To celebrate this amazing milestone, we’re giving away a free share in Tesla to one lucky customer.

The rules are simple - for a chance to win, refer a friend to Freetrade with a free share invite from your app between Wednesday, 15th July and Friday, 31st July .

Remember to use the referral wiki: Referral Wiki: Post/Find Here and not to post links here, thanks.

FAQs and Terms:

Good luck!