Freetrade: Free Share Trading

Given they have their own fully fledged community now (which you’re a member of), I see even less of an issue as most of Freetrade’s meaningful discussion takes place over there. Mute the thread if you don’t want to see company Freeshare announcements.

Anyway, moving on extended deposit hours arrived :moneybag: which lowers some friction and very keen to turn on dark mode :new_moon_with_face:


Makes me want a Monzo dark mode so bad :pensive:


Anyone get anything good from the latest drop on Wednesday?

Dark Mode is possible (:android:, with developer settings) :wink:;

Just signed up using a referral link on the wiki (thank you!). Is it wrong that I feel like a child at Christmas waiting for the free share!


Here’s what I got:


I finally have a free one coming!

like that. Nice mix in there

I sold them all. I don’t hold anything in my basic account.

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I have one free share, which I will hold forever* because keeping it won’t ever hurt me any.

(I only have one because I carefully hand-sell Freetrade to people who might find it useful, as opposed to whoring my codes across the internets :innocent: Just a shame for me that only one person has bitten so far. :anguished:`)

*exclusions may apply