Freetrade: Free Share Trading

(Only available in amateur ) #664

Could be my dodgy typing on this phone :see_no_evil:


Should I try get someone else to add me?

(Only available in amateur ) #666

:point_up: All sorted now in case anyone was going to offer :grin:


Yeah all sorted. Many thanks @Rat_au_van

(Ben ) #668

If anyone wants to join, use other people’s link above me first, but if you’re feeling generous, mine’s:


Any further news on an android release date?

(Ben ) #670

Erm…I’ve got the app on a Samsung tablet at the moment…so, I’m assuming, it’s launched.

(Only available in amateur ) #671

That’s just the android waiting list app. It’ll be the actual app when it launches sometime early next year


You are able to buy shares and things on android?

(Ben ) #673

No haha, that was me mis-interpreting. As @Rat_au_van said, it’s just a waiting list - with Android launching next year


Yes that was my understanding. I just wondered if there were any firmer/rumours of what date next year

(Only available in amateur ) #675

Nothing firmer. Definitely by April but hopefully sooner than that

Android version 7 is the minimum you need in case you didn’t know

(Dan) #676

I too have an invite code for iOS… anyone wants it hit me up :slight_smile:

(S Lee) #677

Hi everyone, can i check how does it work? Ine of the users have very kindly submitted my email but my app is still on the counting down. Will i receive an email once it is processed or am i doing something wrong?

(Only available in amateur ) #678

Are you iOS or android?

(S Lee) #679

iOS :slight_smile:

(Dean) #680

Do you have any instant access invitations left? Would really appreciate one.

(Andrew Clark) #681

I’ve three invites, DM if you need one.

(Simon Austin) #682

I have also; DM me if you (or anyone) would care for them :slight_smile:

(Yoma) #683

Yes i think this is a really good idea. I though of something like this aswell but i struggled on how Monzo would make money out of this as thatts eventually what they will need to do in the long run. Maybe you have any ideas on this