Freetrade: Free Share Trading

(Only available in amateur ) #642

DM me your email please :grin:


If @Rat_au_van runs out, I have the same deal

(S Lee) #644

anyone has a spare, please let me know! :slight_smile:


I can also give 3 people access. If youd like, pm me your email.


Is it limited to three? If so we should make sure that the same person isn’t submitted multiple times

Ok just checked, it is only 3 so 1 of mine is taken, DM me for the other two slots

(S Lee) #648

Good idea to DaveTMG, if anyone has gotten to an invite list, do let the others know to prevent a duplicate submission!

I’m getting mine from DaveTMG, thanks Dave!


Same as Dave and Emma if anyone wants instant access drop a DM with your email.


@_Monzo has asked for one from me.

I’m planning to put it through in one go in case multiple forms are rejected. 2 left.


Yep me too, ah _monzo has asked me too…

@eden you go with @_monzo, I still have two left

All gone now

(Simon Austin) #653

I’m now in (thanks to @Rat_au_van) and have been offered the same deal - so, in the interests of paying it forward, if anyone else would like a ‘Freetrade bump’ then please DM me your e-mail address.

Happy Christmas! :santa:


Anyone else feeling generous?


I have some. DM me your email and I’ll submit the request :slight_smile:

(Kai) #656

Anyone on iOS needs instant access to Freetrade? DM me with your email address. :sunglasses:

(Sean) #657

Also have 3 slots send me a DM with email address if you want access.


Hi @Rat_au_van were you not able to add me?

(Only available in amateur ) #659

I sent it in. No email from them?

(Adam Kendrew) #660

I have some slots if anybody needs one too.


No had nothing

(Only available in amateur ) #662

I’ll see if I can chase it up for you. You are on iOS, right? (Best to check :yum:)


Ha yeah I am. I only just created an account yesterday so I am right at the back at the queue. I wonder if that has anything to do with it