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Of course :grin:

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Have you met Chad?


You are welcome to speak and your insight in Revolut Feedback thread would be great.


Dammit, made it to the top of the queue. Got reminded they still don’t have an android app. Its actually massively putting me off them. And seems weirdly discriminatory. Surely a financial company like this should be obliged to provide similar levels of support for all major types of phone. Feels like some sort of Apple promotion.


Technically they do (though it won’t really do anything aside from the waiting list at the moment).

While I’d like an Android app too, I think it’s fair for a start-up to launch on one platform. It takes time and money (and people) - all things that companies that sometimes don’t even have double digit headcount will struggle with in the beginning.

As long as they rectify any lack of parity asap, then I’m good!

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I remember they polled the community early on to see if there were more apple or android users and had slightly more Apple users at the time.

Things have definitely sped up recently as the team has doubled and is still growing! You should be top of the android queue if you download the app, so shouldn’t be too long now :crossed_fingers:

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This gives more information about what’s going on


Thanks for the info thats really useful!


Thanks for the personal insult. Always nice to see people being unpleasant in the community.

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No problem :ok_hand:t2:

You’ve got to admit that what you said is a bit #firstworldproblems though. It’s so far from discrimination it’s genuinely hilarious you would even try and draw a comparison.
Most places start off iOS first for a reason. It’s well discussed and known about.


I mean lets be serious. its not discriminatory on any personal or human level, so you should feel no discrimination against you at all. Its only discriminatory on a technical level, they currently support iOS and not Android. That happens all the time.

Some platforms see features before others, some platforms see whole apps before others, some platforms will never see an app that’s on another. But no one is discriminating against your specifically just because you use android.

Some platforms are easier to develop for, easier to publish on etc. I can make a lot of sense to push out on one platform first than stretch to thin across multiple. Sucks if your not on that platform, but really… who cares. There will be competitors.


And even if they did, why only major phones? That would be just as discriminatory.


Thats fair, and I’m always happy to be corrected. It was just my opinion that it has put me off them because of the way it has been released especially after quite a long wait. Most of the responses have been quite helpful and make sense. Although I’ll be honest I think this will be the last time I post on here because @Christophorus response I think has been unpleasant enough to put me off for good. This may be my first world privilege speaking but I use the forum for information and discussion, not personal criticism.

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Maybe a bit harsh but certainly not unpleasant.

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We all have different ways of answering questions, some of my answers are good - hopefully , in my mind anyway :slight_smile: , some are bad - Ive taken offence at some replies to my comments - Im sure mostly no offence was intended - we all read things differently :slight_smile:


Yeah understandable of course and its down to the individual. Personally I suffer from social anxiety and so tend to withhold my opinions, rarely post anything and when I reply I try to be pleasant. I think that forum might be a little out of my league. I’ve messaged @simonb requesting my account to deleted. Sorry to have taken away from the topic.

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As it caused offence I’ve deleted my original comment.


I’ve spent years trying to get better in that area (it is still ongoing). Written text is difficult because its hard to get things like emotion or intent across. People have had a grudge against me because I’ve come across blunt or negative towards them when in reality it was the opposite. So i tend to always take the position of no ones actually ever trying to personally target you with a comment (unless they obvious are) so i try to take and give information as information and opinion detached from targeting someone. Since most arent.

It doesn’t work well from a business point this long in, as they are missing a reasonably large customer base. In saying that, there business as it currently stands is very basic. It lacks in a lot of areas so it doesn’t surprise me that its taken them so long to get close to being ready for their android app.

Then we can look forward to their feature parity issues, which will be a bigger deal.

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Hi @anon69333708

I reckon we’ve all learned a bit from this. How about you sticking around? :roll_eyes:

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In case you haven’t seen… Freetrade CEO Adam Dodds will be doing a Q&A session in the Monzo forum! You can ask any questions you have in the chat below:


Very keen to get on to this. I’m 0 in the cue and about 300 places lower than I was yesterday???

If anyone would be so kind I’d happily return the favour!

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