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We all have different ways of answering questions, some of my answers are good - hopefully , in my mind anyway :slight_smile: , some are bad - Ive taken offence at some replies to my comments - Im sure mostly no offence was intended - we all read things differently :slight_smile:


Yeah understandable of course and its down to the individual. Personally I suffer from social anxiety and so tend to withhold my opinions, rarely post anything and when I reply I try to be pleasant. I think that forum might be a little out of my league. I’ve messaged @simonb requesting my account to deleted. Sorry to have taken away from the topic.


As it caused offence I’ve deleted my original comment.


I’ve spent years trying to get better in that area (it is still ongoing). Written text is difficult because its hard to get things like emotion or intent across. People have had a grudge against me because I’ve come across blunt or negative towards them when in reality it was the opposite. So i tend to always take the position of no ones actually ever trying to personally target you with a comment (unless they obvious are) so i try to take and give information as information and opinion detached from targeting someone. Since most arent.

It doesn’t work well from a business point this long in, as they are missing a reasonably large customer base. In saying that, there business as it currently stands is very basic. It lacks in a lot of areas so it doesn’t surprise me that its taken them so long to get close to being ready for their android app.

Then we can look forward to their feature parity issues, which will be a bigger deal.

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Hi @anon69333708

I reckon we’ve all learned a bit from this. How about you sticking around? :roll_eyes:


In case you haven’t seen… Freetrade CEO Adam Dodds will be doing a Q&A session in the Monzo forum! You can ask any questions you have in the chat below:

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Very keen to get on to this. I’m 0 in the cue and about 300 places lower than I was yesterday???

If anyone would be so kind I’d happily return the favour!

Zero commission investing Freetrade has arrived. Get early access with my link:

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Are you iOS or Android?


Done and also going to be cheeky and ask

Zero commission investing Freetrade has arrived. Get early access with my link:

So android so 70,000 people ahead of me, how many get through a day or is it not fully realised on android?

Few thousand a week, but it is speeding up.

The queue number is the same regardless of your phone’s OS but the Android is not yet released. Once you get to 0, you can have access as long as you have a spare iPhone :slight_smile:

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Is there anytime frame for the realease of android?

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Freetrade CEO responded here :wink:


Bump me up. Please!!! :slight_smile: Zero commission investing Freetrade has arrived. Get early access with my link:

If you need a bump, a few referrals can help you :rocket: Or checkout Freetrade’s gift/request thread


I have been 1 in queue for a week

On iOS? You double checked the email you signed up with?


Android and just email I got when I signed up

Android app isn’t available yet, it will be early next year

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