Freetrade: Free Share Trading

Nice and clean, looks just like the app store :wink:

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Number 28 checking in here.

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The app is currently rolled out only to the team for alpha testing. That’s why you haven’t seen that number change. :disappointed_relieved:

We expect to start the private beta roll-out in a number of months (rather than weeks), as we need a few important things in place to open client accounts, e.g. our authorisation, which is pretty similar to how Monzo needed a full unrestricted banking license to “be” a bank.

(There is not really an equivalent to top-up cards in the stockbroker world, so we can only start onboarding people with our version of the fully-fledged “current accounts”, which requires a number of things in place - that’s why it takes time. OK, I forced this analogy to banking far enough. :laughing:)

So, months of wait are ahead before you see your number change due to people ahead of you being onboarded, but it will be worth it! :+1: Freetrade is a challenger stockbroker that will be “full-stack” both from the tech and the stockbroking perspective. We’re going deep to meaningfully change the current situation.

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Nice! :rocket:

I hope someone will remove Adam (our CEO) from his #1 position. He referred a lot of people though (around 100).

Do I get a prize if I manage it?

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Well, you should, and it should be something on top of being the first user to get that download link.

What would be the right prize for such an enormous achievement?

We’ve been talking about free premium services (e.g. ISA), but suggestions are welcome.

Launch a fund and name it after the victor :joy: or some in app credit would be nice :wink:

Currently at #16, tell Adam I’m coming for him :smirk:

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Launch a fund and name it after the victor :joy:

Good one! :joy_cat: What would the fund contain? :thinking: A weighted index of all Freetrade users’ stock picks? (Although we can’t do anything like our own funds, still it’s interesting to explore this idea.)

We could include some choice easter eggs as well. See e.g. these subtitles - there are a few there already.

some in app credit would be nice :wink:

Definitely. It’s one of the main ideas we have.

tell Adam I’m coming for him :smirk:

Done! He sits right next to me. He seems slightly worried. :laughing:

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Interesting! Currently at 324. If anyone wants to help bump me up the list, then the link is :slight_smile:

And if anyone would be so good enough as to use my referral link, please.

Thank you

and mine pretty please

Don’t waste your signups on them. Use my link and get me to number one.

My referrals aren’t moving me up the queue anymore :frowning:

I just had one move me up. Only a couple of spaces though.

Yet another referral link :slight_smile:

Looks really good! Although I’d be more interested in an Android screenshot :wink:

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I’ll join this bandwagon! Click away, guys!

There’s been a lot of advertorial here, but I am still unclear what the charges are, when they apply, and what other costs people who use the service need to be aware of. The company’s own website didn’t seem to explain these either. Does anyone have any insights please?

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The basic share dealing account and trades will be free, forever, with no constraints like account minimums, etc.

We’ll operate a freemium model (similar to Amazon Prime or Robinhood Gold), and extras (e.g. ISA) will come with a transparent and simple monthly charge.

We’ve given some of the details of our pricing plans in various articles you can find online, but we indeed have to put these details up on the site. I’ll update this thread as soon as it’s done. :+1:


can please someone bump me in the queue, thanks.