Freetrade: Free Share Trading

First time I had one redeemed, the option to refer a friend came back the same day I received my free share IIRC. Second time it took a few days.

Hmm strange :thinking: Maybe it’s all finished now

Someone just used mine! Thank you but please reveal thyself if you see this, I want to know what you get! :star_struck:

No ones used mine still.

Edit: Someone had removed it…

My first one got removed too, ended up giving it to someone on Facebook.

Monzo Freetrade Referral Wiki

Freetrade Referral Wiki


Next Free Share being revelead tonight.


It’s worth noting with the FreeTrade referral, you have to complete a W-8BEN form (it’s super easy, just basically saves you on tax for US stocks) and top up your account before you get your free share added to your account :partying_face:

Just thought I’d add as it didn’t say that on the wiki.


Sorry Meant Tomorrow* but the deadline for this batch was at 5pm today.

And, for clarity’s sake, I’d add on to what you said that the reason why the form has to be completed is because the pool of free shares includes US shares. It’s not a tick-box exercise you’re forced into for no clear reason.


Someone finally used my link, they just need to top up now!


My last referral never topped up! Thankfully Freetrade gave me another link, must have a set time frame.

This is my first one so hopefully they have a spare £1 :crossed_fingers:

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Hopefully, and hope you get a good share!

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Anymore good free shares? I’m in the queue for one and slightly excited haha

I sold my share in Lloyd’s Banking Group (which I bought) and made £0.01 :partying_face:

I got Boohoo which subsequently has risen 14% in price and smaller companies trust which sold for around £14.


They never topped up so I still haven’t had a free share :cry:




:free: :green_apple: