Best way to invest in S&P?

(Nicolo) #1

I’m looking to invest some spare cash in the S&P 500 and I already have my ISA on Wealthify this year. What is the best, cheapest and most innovative way I can invest in the S&P index?

Ideas are very welcome :slight_smile:


Check out Freetrade, they’re about to launch and will be offering commission free trading :slight_smile: We have a big thread about them on the Monzo forum here and they also have their own forum over here.

(Nicolo) #3

Freetrade would be amazing and i’ve been waiting a while for it but i’m still number 1,000,000,000 on the waiting list so I don’t know how soon I will get access :slightly_frowning_face: if anyone wants to help out here’s my link :wink: