Freetrade - Fintech Q&A! 🤝

Hey, my dog really wanted an account and then changed his mind!


Real dedication :joy:


Will you be giving the crowd the chance to invest again at the next round - or will it be only VC Funding?

Will you be offering nationality declarations soon so we can start investing in some of the defence and airline stocks from the LSE?

With Android coming soon - will existing IOS users be able to swap to Android instantly at launch without the need to be in a waiting list/queue when it is launched?

Congratulations on getting 10k Onboarded users - what do you predict the user based to be over the next 12 months? I suspect you may have a trendline/research of some description you can base a reasonable estimate from?

With the launch of the ISA it seems you can only have either a GIA or an ISA and not both? (I maybe wrong here though - so please correct me if I am) Will this change in the future - so you can offer both accounts simultaneously to your customers?

With Bux seeming to be on your heels with commission free Stock market access for European customers - do you feel some competition in this area is a good thing. And is it a concern to you that some other companies may muscle in on your growth over the next 18 months.

I know there was talk of a subsidiary being set up in the past for somewhere in Europe. Is this still on the table?

Have you and Monzo been in talks for a Freetrade pot integration yet? Do you have any future information you could possibly talk about regarding this?

Will you look at integrating with EMMA at any point in the near future? Or do you have any other money management app that you may prefer to integrate with?


Yeah right! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Given Monzo’s goal of being a financial hub, do you see yourself working with them to offer your service via the Monzo app for example?


Building on @Bradley’s question, there’s been some spirited discussion here and on the Freetrade forum about integration with Monzo.

You’ve previously said that you’d like you integrate with Monzo but don’t want to pay for it. More recently, I think, you’ve said that you’re anti intermediaries in general.

Could you let us know your current thoughts and what an integration might look like? Alternatively, are you thinking about an API so that folk like Monzo and Emma can display Freetrade account data with the minimum of input from you?

(My thoughts are here for anyone curious enough to wonder what random man on the internet thinks).

Great job on the app and launch, by the way :raised_hands:


Firstly, thanks for the app, I’ve wanted something like this for a long time. My questions are:

Which things frustrate you most about the current investment ecosystem?

Which areas of investment do you think will change in the next 10 years or so?


After the success of Monzo’s in app crowdfunding, is that something Freetrade will consider?


Is managing a team of almost 30 becoming significantly more difficult than when it was about 10? What are the key management challanges and how are you coping if there are any?


If you had to swap places with another European fintech CEO who would it be - and why?


Seeing as it’s nearly the new year, will you guys be releasing a road map for the on coming year?

Also, I sadly missed out on Crowdfunding you guys in the past. Will there be any chance of jumping on-board before the European Expansion?

Love the app by the way guys and keep up the good work!


Hi Adam,

Just downloaded Freetrade app onto my Android phone. Surprisingly to find there are 70,310 ahead of me, really bringing back some flashback memory when I first joined Monzo early this year!

I am highly interested in investing into Freetrade on Crowdcube, like anyone else here who has ask - will you be keen to open another round of fund raising early next year before your customer and European expansion?! :blush:

Question - it’s great you’re doing a very flat and free fee platform and non-roboadviser. Regarding the advisers, will you consider to have their CV/experience on their profile? And will these advisers be freelancers? Sorry I just wanna learn more how does it works from the point of both consumer and potential investor. :thinking:

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What’s your favourite stock/ETF ticker?

Would you have preferred to launch earlier in the bull market cycle rather than amidst the heightened uncertainty the global stock market is faced with now?

How many times does the average Freetrade user open the app per week? If sensitive info, then ignore this ?

Is a crowdfunding round during Q1 2019 on your radar? If so, will existing investors have an exclusive window to invest?

Did you participate in this week’s crowdfund? How bullish on Monzo are you?

What are your thoughts on online forum communities as marketing tools?


If you could choose one share on Freetrade to invest in which would it be and why?


Why are customers being onboarded at such a slow rate? Believe the app has been released for over a month and there’s a big waiting list of users.

You mentioned each customer is profitable for freetrade - how much profit do you make per customer and what are the revenue sources? Isit just from the instant trade fee and alpha membership?

Are there any plans for freetrade to support a marketplace for crowdfunded shares?

What are your growth forecast for end of 2019 - and why do you think they can be achieved?

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Is there any plans for an invite system where I can invite my friends to use Freetrade? If so, would there be any incentives for me?

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How do you plan to onboard more people who are new to share ownership?

Do you have any plans for an IFTT integration - linking my Monzo purchases would be awesome!

Do you have plans to add share price notifications to the app - or to allow price based rules for auto purchasing?

Cheers! :raised_hands:


Thoughts on Revolut planning to muscle in on this space?

ahh yes, that’s what I need too!

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We’re launching the Android app early next year :muscle: but we just launched the waitlist app for Android &…you download that here.