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Using a Monzo personal account for business with random deposits entering it randomly might trigger anti-fraud filters. Try the Starling business account as @Gaoler suggests.


I use my Monzo account as a sole trader, have done for over a year and no issues what so ever.


Does Monzo have a place where we can all still help post ideas / nice to haves etc i.e. developing the user req’s and then after crowdsourcing the ideas allow the customers to vote up or down items in the backlog?! A business account is one of my two main needs (the other is joint acct pots!)… Would seem to make sense given how many of us are saying we want business accounts! Thanks

(Tom) #24

@richardcadman Is this still something that Monzo are looking at?

(Richard Cadman) #25

Hey Hatticus, we’re not working on this right now - although we are thinking about it!

Feedback and ideas on this thread are still extremely valuable. It helps us understand what problems to solve :blush: .


(Tom) #26

Thanks, good to know it’s being thought about.

Main things for me would be integration with accounting software (FreeAgent/Xero etc) and some more business appropriate categories.


A Euro business account would be exceptional and very welcome!