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As a freelancer - using is a great utility, but I feel it could be further improved to cut a step out of me making an invoice elsewhere. If there was a deeper-dive setup for freelancers to create an invoice page on, it would remove steps and save me time.

If they were then filed or download/printable once paid (I still keep paper records) - that would help.


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Unfortunately isn’t really designed for freelancing / business :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I would suggest giving FreshBooks a look :smiley: Sounds like it would be perfect for what you’re trying to achieve :wink: is rather limited, being designed for personal use & the £100 payment limit would be restrictive (likely intentionally) for business use cases :slight_smile:


Oops, Monzo is for personal use. I’d be surprised if using for business (including freelance work) was permitted.

I second @nexusmaniac’s suggestion to look into accounting software. An alternative, that I have used for a long time, is They are really good and free, and their stripe integration is very good too, from what I hear.


Second Wave. It’s free and brilliant :-).

You should also check out - it’s a Monzo-like account specifically for freelancers. At the moment it’s in beta, so you can categorise all of your expenses (in HMRC categories) and it will tell you how much tax you’ll need to pay for the financial year. However they’re building invoicing as a feature and it’ll directly link to HMRC for tax returns, or export to an accountant, in the future too. Monzo have suggested it as a good business bank account to use when previously asked about freelancer features.

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Yes! I have Coconut. Its really good! Although still very Beta but works well for me, and automatically makes my HMRC Tax Return :slight_smile:

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I also highly recommend Coconut.

Well that answers that! Cheers!