Formula 1

Racing sims are not real.

Tracks are reconfigured all the time. Having to do so would be no barrier to running a race in reverse.

ETA: would make more sense and be easier to run a different track layout than go in reverse, I grant.

Try telling the teams who spend millions on them that they aren’t real.

I can’t remember the specifics but there were corner exits where they’d crash directly into a grandstand. I know they make changes to tracks regularly but for a one off this wouldn’t be anywhere near cost-effective.

Here’s the video I was referring to. Feel free to evaluate their opinion yourself.

Edit: agreed, maybe a small layout change rather than running it entirely in reverse.

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Reconfigure the track. Add a chicane to slow the cars down. Job done.

That’s what I mean about sims not being real - no-one’s going to reverse the track and race as-is. They’re going to look at what changes would need to be made before even trying to race it.

I listened to the Talking Bull Podcast on Friday and Max, Alex and Christian were talking about this, as Drivers they said they would love to do one race of each double headers in reverse but it’s too much work in the short time they have, especially as it’s more than Barriers and would need extra Gravel traps and kerbs etc

Who says F1 is boring?
Not today!!!
Hamilton to the back of the pack on restart.
Could an Italian team still win despite both Ferrari’s being out?



He really is going to be the new Alonso, isn’t he?

It’ll be interesting to see what happens. Next year with the regulations largely the same it’s difficult to see Ferrari performing any better than they are right now. As for the future, it’s surely going to take them more than one extra season of development to be back at the front. All of this leaves Carlos without a truly competitive car until maybe 2023!

Anyhow, what an amazing race! As a McLaren fan it’s great to see them take their best result since 2014! It could have been a win if it weren’t for the red flag too, but that’s racing I guess! Even better is that this was all on merit, it wasn’t luck that got them to the position they were in today.

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I listened to the Italian anthem pre race and said to my son - we will hear that at the end!
When Le Clerc was in 4th I presumed it would be him.
I wonder what odds Gasly for the win prior to the start?

It’s going to be weird to see the Williams team without Frank or Claire about in the paddock, truly an end of an era


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