Flux at KFC 🐔

Hey Dan - we partnered with Costa last year to run a basket-level cashback offer. We’re keeping the relationship warm and are still keen to deliver a full integration with them, but our teams are still talking through what this might look like :smile: Sorry for any confusion on our part!


Samantha any updates to provide on the kfc reliability improving?

Visited kfc in belfast during the week (till not kisok) and still seems to be down :thinking:

Also congrats again on another successful retailer launch :clap:

Even though you did fib :eyes::joy::joy:

Also just seen this on the refreshed website… this mean the loyalty stamps for kfc are live with monzo?

I’m still yet to be able to experience Flux as it only seems to be Food Outlets and the majority don’t cater for Gluten Free(I’m a Coeliac), However I do genuinely look forward to using Flux when it’s possible to do so :slight_smile:

Papa John’s do gluten free pizzas :slight_smile:

Since when? I checked the other day and saw no such thing? I think their American version do but not in the UK?

Also works with JustEat surely there will be a retailer that does a gluten free menu on there?

Although its not really the same getting a flux receipt from an online retailer

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No, not really, well, i’m yet to find one anyway. Just eat tell you to phone the retailer, Deliveroo are a bit easier to find places. The majority of takeaways won’t cater to Gluten Free though, it’s hard for most places to ensure there’s no cross contamination etc in the food prep.

It mainly tends to be larger chains with protocols and procedures in place. We luckily have a Chinese near us that caters to it perfectly but I order directly from them.

Ah sorry my mistake, I thought the UK version did.

Ohh :frowning: you got me excited for a minute :rofl:

Hi @samantha.flux sorry to be a pain but is there anything you can add to this?

Finally tested this out last month! Haven’t been able to sooner as a vegan but went to try the new Zero Chicken burger. Very cool having the receipt in-app.

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Hi Nathan :wave: So sorry, I seem to have missed the notification for your earlier message!

It’s taking longer than anticipated, which is really frustrating for us (and you, I’m sure!). Because the work that needs to be done isn’t on our side, we don’t really have control over the timeframes which is why I’m not able to be more specific - and why I can’t really go into too much detail about what’s been happening.

I’ve been told that the work should be done by the end of the month, which means that we’ll be back up and running as normal (with the receipts looking super pretty again), but it’s in KFC’s hands at the moment. We’re feeling pretty confident here at Flux HQ that it’s on track, so fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:t3: Thanks for your patience - I know I’ve been saying “soon” for a little while now :sweat_smile:


One of our team is gluten-free - he’s reported that Papa John’s do a butternut squash base that’s not got gluten in it :smile: According to the allergen info, quite a few of the vegan pizzas don’t contain gluten :pizza:

(side note: they do say that if you’re super sensitive that you should steer clear though, as the pizzas are prepared in the same place that they prepare the normal ones)

I just wish any of the retailers were near me :frowning:

Figured as much, no problem Samantha thanks for the update :clap:

Can i ask just about the other point then in regards to the new website showing of kfcs loyalty scheme being linked with monzo?

Hows that shaping up? Im assuming its close if youre willing to show it on your website in a promo image :eyes:

Where are you based, Michael? I can see if there’s anything coming up that’ll be near you :wink:

How is the burger out of interest?

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Cheshire, I guess there is KFC nearby, but being coeliac I can’t eat there. The Ed’s Diner at Cheshire Oaks wasn’t online … so. :sob:

So the beta testing was almost finished, but then we started having the issues with KFC which kind of put the trial on pause while we’re getting it sorted. Once we’re up and running again, we’ll pick up loyalty linking again - but we’re hoping to roll it out quickly :pray:t3:

I can’t say who the merchants in our pipeline are, but we’ve got two coming up who both have locations in Cheshire. Both are not food merchants so hopefully you’ll be able to use Flux locally soon!

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