Fixing financial planning and analysis

Just replying to this to say I really do think we need to be able to collapse tomorrow/upcoming transactions, whatever other changes may or may not happen.

I now have this scenario at the end of every month which means opening the app shows me nearly 0 useful information. Especially as most of these are internal pot transfers I’ve set up…

  1. I know!
  2. The money isn’t even going out of my account and the transactions are entirely irreversible.

I simply don’t need this front and centre over actually seeing my latest transactions.


This is one of my biggest gripes. I keep posts hidden for aesthetics and because I don’t need to see them daily but adding to them (with the exception of salary sort) is a pain.

Being able to split any incoming payment to pots would be ideal. I got a refund for something the other day. I had to unhide two pots, split the spare change part into my coin jar and the rest into another. Then rehide them.

What I find so bizarre about this is that money in pots counts towards interest (if with Plus/Premium)

If I had an overdraft and I was trying to pay it off/stay out of it but couldn’t commit to that 100%, I think it would be good to have an overdraft pot.

Account = -£996.52
Overdraft pot - £1000

Currently to Monzo that would make me £996.52 overdrawn in reality I have £3.48

But they think it’s better that my account says

Account = £3.48

Pots are trying to be “out of sight, out of mind” but then half arse it for the very people it needs to help.


Agree with all of this.

Been living with Monzo’s overdraft ‘reasoning’ for so long, I hadn’t even thought of how ridiculously inconsistent the overdraft vs interest situation is for plus.


Looks like you’ve already voted for it :+1:

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Haha I couldn’t find that at all before I posted here but was sure I’d seen a whole thread on it! :persevere:


Where were we? Yes, we’re at

Powerful search and filters on the transaction feed.

Way back in time, before there was Summary, Monzo had the Spending tab. This gave some nice run downs of amounts spent by category and merchant (I think - my memory is hazy and my google-fu is failing me).

Separately, the iPhone app has some excellent search functionality (which is sorely lacking on the Android version, but I digress) which lets you search by merchant, location and loads (and loads) of other stuff. It’s one of the rare occasions where someone has really thought about the problem and really delivered on it. It’s excellent (even if, reportedly, it kinda didn’t work for a while).

So, what do these things tell us? I think they tell us that (looking at the budgeting poll) that users really want this form of insight. But instead of giving it to us over time, it’s actually been taken away by Monzo - or only available to a subset of users. This needs to be fixed!

How to do this?

This one is quite simple, I think…

  1. Bring search parity to Android


  1. Add in the ability to only see credits or debits
  2. Let users save searches - let’s call them filters.
  3. Let users sort group transactions (for example by merchant or by category)
  4. Let users sort transactions by things other than date. By merchant name, category name, or value would be a good start.

I was originally attracted by this (from this post):

But I can’t see how it works with the current app set up. I’m attracted by a simple tab, but then you’d need a date range and you might as well do it from a proper filter. And, in any event it’d end up looking like my Dozens mock.


If you have this

You get this anyway.

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Ooh, exciting. I looked for that the other day (brief iPhone dalliance) and it wasn’t immediately evident.

But my love for the iOS search grows.

No joke, it might be the swing decision between Android or iOS next. (Then watch them discontinue it).

First off… How did I miss the post about pots from 6 days ago. Outraged!

Out of that big list of Pot Things - I would really love to see :four:, :five: and :six: please. Especially :six: :heavy_plus_sign: the ability to auto-move money based on external account interactions. :heart_eyes_cat:

On the topic of your pots getting cluttered… I’d love to see Nested Pots. Or maybe keeping a Pot analogy, having a “Shelf” to put similar pots on. I can have my Savings Shelf, my Bills Shelf, My “I want to keep these things hidden shelf because I keep looking at the “latest tech” thread” Shelf… etc.

All of those pots neat and tidily packed away inside my Monzo Cupboard. Better than just having all my pots spread out on my kitchen floor or something.


I love this idea. I was thinking that the headings on the accounts screen should be collapsible (so see/hide all pots, all connected credit cards, all connected current accounts etc). But this is a much better option - if the UX folk can find an elegant way to aggregate and disaggregate pots. :honey_pot:


PS if no one delivers a rules based money automation system within the next year then a) everyone is a fool and b) it would force me to do something about it.


Oh no. Skeuomorphism is back. :grimacing:

I can picture it now. A skeuomorphic animation representing the opening of a cupboard door, which then presents you with a News Stand style layout of all of your pots!

I miss iOS 6 too, but I’m not sure I want to go back to that aesthetic!

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I’d never even considered nested pots but now you’ve mentioned it, I think I want it.


I was just about to badly mock up a picture of a nice shelf I found with some pot icons but I couldn’t find any pot icons as a png so instead of my poor effort in photoshop, you get this text version of my poor effort instead.,


I’m totally here for the new challenger bank, Peter_Gzo.


I’m thinking more like Flow. I think they’re planning on coming to the UK so no one need to troubled by my imminent entry to the industry.

(Although if they don’t measure up, I’m so here for it).

Peter, please can you break into Monzo’s systems and just start building all this stuff? Thanks


Perhaps more seriously, Monzo has lost its mojo. We know that that sometimes happens when companies grow up.

So what we need is for a few startup companies to be created with the aim they’ll be folded into Monzo.

Get Tom to run a few. Similar shareholders so they grow and get folded into / replace the main product. Continual pipeline of innovation. Job done. Who do I call?


Dan Aykroyd.

If it’s time for Monzo to move over, the Viola Black team?