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This is what kept me from going fullmonzo to be fair. But I decided to go for it now and CASS back out if things changed.

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Out of interest…? :thinking:

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Yeah can’t really say… high street bank though, was two high street banks…

Can’t say because it’s secret…:thinking:

Because I work for them and don’t wanna fall foul of any internal policies.

Oh ok. So this reference is to do with developmental stuff? Otherwise I’d be interested in which High street bank has a pretty good app already out there (something to shout about I’d suggest).

On the face of it, the two-into-one scenario you quote would describe B, but that’s no secret.


I used to be a very happy FD customer before I went Full Monzo.

Their Phone Customer service was usually very efficient, the very few times I did need anything.

They had a slightly wider range of products than Monzo do - including a Credit Card - I still use a First Direct credit card.

The web portal was previously terrible, but it’s improved massively, but there’s still some very basic stuff you can’t do within online banking.

The fact they offer a lot more products is a compelling reason to stay with them, if you’re using a credit card, mortgage, etc…


FD need to start by introducing things that are already available in the HSBC app to start, such as cheque imaging and a 5% regular saver, before they do anything else. (They’ve recently dropped the regular saver rate)

There is now no advantage at all over having a mainstream HSBC account.

Yes there is - they don’t have an IVR and have said they would never force their customers to use an IVR. That in itself is a big draw for a lot of people - clearly if you don’t phone then it’s of no value.

They got Voice ID before HSBC did as well.

Agree, they have been slow to keep up with the new banks but they don’t have the advantage of brand new systems for the shiny new features - still no excuse for cheque imaging.

As others have said, things are afoot though in fd.

To be fair, FD have been doing a lot of user research on their “fdesign” site for new features (some of which look very Monzo-esque for want of a better term).

Also to be fair, they’ve been doing that for many months now and all they’ve said so far is that we might be able to freeze our cards sometime in 2019. Maybe.

They’re like the inverse of Monzo I guess, in that they won’t actually promise anything so can’t fail at delivering it…

Agree on the cheque imaging but HSBC dropped their Regular Saver rate at the same time as FD

Excluding HSBC Premier, isn’t the phone service better with First Direct?

Interesting, it supports FaceId on my iPhone?

Do you use a digital SecuryKey? You need to use that before fingerprint login is offered.

I think it’s phone related. I never got fingerprint scanner option on my OnePlus 5T, First Direct told me it wasn’t compatible.

My device is a Huawei P9, and definitely using Digital Secure Key. The fingerprint choice just doesn’t exist for me in the settings screen.

I know where it should be, as my partner has a OnePlus 5T (I think), is also an FD customer, and it works fine on theirs :slight_smile:


CYB/Virgin was the pre-edited message I believe


Yes, CYB has recently been absorbed by Virgin (or the other way around :face_with_raised_eyebrow:) but B precedes the Virgin thing.

I quite like the app, but it’s certainly a long way from Monzo. It does have cheque imaging though. Nice touch.


Updated FD app now let’s you freeze/unfreeze cards. Except for some reason it won’t let me do that with my joint account one!

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Without knowing how their system is built, maybe it’s because letting you do so would also grease your partner’s card?