Financial Advice & Intermediary Integration

(Daniel Clark) #1

Is there any prospect of integrating third party advice services in future?

(Alex Sherwood) #2

Monzo has an open API which you can check out here. It enables third parties to access user’s data, once they’ve been given permission, of course.

It’s not stable yet so larger companies haven’t set up their own integrations & the only integrations that have been built so far have been created by 3rd party developers (as far as I know) but once it is, anyone should be able to integrate without Monzo needing the be involved.

What types of advice / intermediary services did you have in mind?

(Daniel Clark) #3

Access to generally holistic advice would be the ideal outcome. Anything from Insurance or Investment Management in ISAs/Pensions to Estate & Tax Planning.

Is there plans to integrate a section for financial advice where Intermediaries can pitch their services and possibly provide quotes on a comparison basis? Maybe with customer reviews & feedback etc

Or will it be more a case of firms recommending their existing clients use Monzo in order to enable them to get more insightful data on their clients financial transactions?