Feature idea: totalling up budgets

I really like the budget feature and try and modify them to be realistic but also to help me find where I can cut down on spending. But what would be useful is if I set an overall budget, then budgets within each category there was some sort of total. At the minute I set them by category then add them up separately to see if there’s one I need to reduce or not.

Would just make it more useful I think but not sure if anyone else has a better way to do this already


I think if you hammer the minus button on the overall budget it eventually sets to the total cost of the individual budgets.

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I think it just goes back to the value you had it set for at the previous month.

+1 to this idea, you should be able to have it automatically set the the total of your spending categories. Its annoying to have to do this calculation out of the app.


I love this idea - I too find it a bit cumbersome to add up all the individual budgets to make sure they’re not more than the overall monthly budget.


I make use of the budget feature but find it frustrating that I have to manually add up the individual budget categories in order to set the overall budget.

It makes me think that im using this feature incorrectly as to me it would make sense for the total to spend on the month to be the sum of all the individual budget categories.

Also in relation to some of the other features being developed, the this seems like low hanging fruit.

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Is this true?

Hi @Esharpe

This is also something I’d like to see because I too find it an inconvenience having to manually add up all the category budgets to see if the total matches the overall budget.

I’m not sure it should prevent you from setting a different overall budget than the sum of the categories, nor do I think it’s worth changing the calculations for auto adjusting.

All that’s needed is a simple total at the bottom or top so you can see the difference. If you want to get fancy you could throw a note in there to say there is a ± difference. Easy stuff. :blush: