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(Jolin) #81

You’ve made it too obvious. You need to hide the option better. :joy:

(Michael) #82

Hi @BethS, thanks for the reply

On the quoted point from @Rat_au_van , there were some teething issues like this before with the new Monzo Chat implementation

I remember there were changes in this regard, but is it possible there are still gremlins in there around this handover?


That sounds like it was mismanagementnof not passing it on, on the COps part, but I’d need to look into it to be sure.

(#savetheseabass) #84

It’s cool. 2 days and 8 COps later they tried to sort the issue but can’t fix it so needs to wait for Monday. Know what’s going on now tho so happier and it’s been passed to advocacy to sort what went wrong


I feel like it should automatically be passed on to another Cop in those circumstances e.g. a Cop ends their shift and forgets to re-assign it.

(Michael) #86

From previous communications and comments I had the understanding personally that this would be the case, but maybe not


So did I, but it sounds like possibly not from what @BethS said?

(NM) #88

Surely it’s just general working practice to do a handover of shifts

(#savetheseabass) #89

Yes but in my case the issue involved 2 teams so greater chance of miscommunication.

Mistakes happen, it’s a fact of life. It’s how that’s responded to that’s important

(NM) #90

Yeah but in multi team cases it’s even more important to have a hand over and hand over notes of what is changing and what has been actioned and what needs to be actioned and timescales. So that it can all be communicated in an effective and time sensitive manner.
True, I think what’s more important is any process changes/learning experiences

(Simon B) #91

There are some spikes in wait times here and there but it’s not comparable to the situation we had a few months back. At it’s worst point, the average reply was measured in days. Now, the average time is back to being measured in minutes and worst case scenario, hours.