FairFx fail

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I just tried to use by CA card with fairfx’s transfer service, but their website doesn’t recognise the CA card number as being a mastercard debit, saying the number is invalid for the card type.

After a call to FairFx apparently the BIN isn’t defined in their database… after taking the first 6 digits he said they would contact me when it’s fixed… probably ‘a few days’…

(so I paid using a legacy card, sorry Monzo — now, if I could have sent an IBAN transaction from the Monzo app…)


You can update this if you like;

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Yes, should have posted there, but didn’t see it. Will post there ‘next time’.
FairFx called me a just a short while ago though, they say it’s now ‘fixed’ - though as I made my payment by other means I won’t be able to re-test for a few months!

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