Facebook Live Q+A with Ole Mahrt 5.30pm today

At 5.30pm today we’ll be hosting a Facebook Live Q+A with Monzo’s Head of Product Ole Mahrt. He will be joined by @ivan who is and Android developer and @james who is an iOS developer.

I will update this post with the link in here shortly!

Please post your questions here :+1:


For those that can’t make it, will there be a summary of the Q+As posted anywhere?

My question is when we will see the Android and iOS versions of the app contain the same functionality?

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The live stream’s just started -

The image & audio quality for the video was great :+1:

Image Quality was good and the sound was good for most people. Unfortunately @Naji was really hard to hear as he was really quiet compared to everyone who used the microphone, so had to keep turning the volume up and down everytime they switched back to Naji

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