Expanding Monzo Business Account Features: Payroll, RTI Reporting, Dividends, and More

Hello Monzo Community,

As a Monzo Business account user, I have been impressed with the existing features and integrations provided by the platform. Two standout features are the spending categories and invoice, which greatly simplify expense and income tracking and make third-party accounting tools less essential. However, there are still areas where Monzo Business could be even more convenient and efficient for users .

I propose the following feature enhancements to further streamline the Monzo Business experience:

  1. Payroll Integration: A built-in payroll system would enable users to manage salaries, employee taxes, and deductions directly within the Monzo Business platform, eliminating the need for external tools or services.
  2. RTI Reports: Real-Time Information (RTI) reporting is crucial for businesses to comply with HMRC requirements. Incorporating this feature would save time and reduce the potential for errors.
  3. Dividend Management: A tool to calculate and distribute dividends to shareholders would be invaluable. This could include features such as calculating tax allowances for the current tax year and determining taxes due, even when the tax year differs from the company year.
  4. Reporting Reminders & Templates: Reminders and templates for various reports (including account and Confirmation Statement submissions to Companies House) would ensure that businesses remain compliant with their reporting obligations while simplifying the process.
  5. Self-Assessment & Corporation Tax: Integrating self-assessment and corporation tax features would make it easy for businesses to manage their tax liabilities and payments from within Monzo Business.

By implementing these features, Monzo Business could become the ultimate one-stop-shop for small business owners, making accounting and financial management even more seamless and user-friendly. What are your thoughts on these suggested enhancements? Are there any additional features you’d like to see in Monzo Business? Let’s discuss how we can make our Monzo experience even better!



I’m not a business customer. But I’d love to be able to do self assessment through Monzo!


I would love to be able to just use Monzo, and not bother with Xero.


Oh, yes, of course!


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I’m planning to start using Xero next month, been trialling it. To be honest its overkill for what I need as a sole trader. I’ve just investigated monzo invoicing etc for the first time, and its almost perfect - except for a few showstoppers that will prevent me using it. namely the contact management within invoicing, I cannot be entering peoples details every time (I understand it only shows 10 recents). The other is having to write invoice footer info & terms everytime. Annoying that two simple things are making me buy xero? Are things likely to change?


Fascinating perspective! It’s true that only “RECENT CUSTOMERS” appear in Monzo Business’s “Add customer” tab when creating a new invoice. As for the invoice footer, such as notes or T&Cs, that’s optional, isn’t it?

its optional, but if you need stuff in there, theres no way I’m going to add it each time. there surely should be an invoice default template.

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and if contacts could access the phone contacts… that would be a simple & perfect solution to that problem