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Hi. Im very confused. I have made payment in Germany. One of them on 28 October 22.50 exchange rate 1.12 another one 22.54 exchange rate 1.15. What is going on?

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Currency fluctuation, stock markets etc etc

(Mark Edmonds) #3

It’s what ever the Mastercard rate at the time is, however it would seem very odd if it happened on the same day.

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Hey :slight_smile:

Let’s un-confuse you shall we! :smiley:

Basically, once you pay you get a preliminary rate, once the merchant processes the payment fully Monzo give you the rate that Mastercard provided on the day of the transaction settling So if the transaction settled on the 28th for one (at 1.12) and say the 29th for another (at 1.15) that’s why there’s a difference :slight_smile:

(Tom) #5

It is same day… Only 4 minutes different


is one an initial pending transaction and the other a final transaction as rate may alter between the initial reservation of funds and the final demand for the money by the retailer

(Mark Edmonds) #7

Does the transaction appear in black or grey text within the app?
If its black, its finalised, if grey its pending so it can change.

(Tom) #8

Grey text but is not pending… It’s finalised

(Tom) #9

On this hours???.. Market is not closed ?

(Mark Edmonds) #10

Use this to see what you should have got. Set 0% for the bank fee

(Tom) #11

Showing 1.133… I don’t know what I have to think about it

(Colin Robinson) #12

Contact :monzo: through in app chat and see if they can explain?

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