Europe’s push for Open Banking

(Nathan Voller) #1

How Europe’s push for Open Banking is forcing banking apps to improve their UX - freeCodeCamp

Short 5 minute article on the open banking movement, some might find interesting. Plus a couple of mentions of :monzo:

ODI Open Banking Standard
(P Burrows) #2

very interesting read. one alarming thing is “give amazon access to your bank account” :open_mouth: im sure this will be done in a secure way, but its still an alarming concept!!

(Jolin) #3

Yes, thanks for the article. I hadn’t realised that 2FA was going to be required for all online transactions. On one hand, this will be a huge pain with the legacy bank systems at the moment. On the other hand, it will be such a problem, that hopefully they will come up with something less burdensome than the stupid card readers now required for online banking. Like, I don’t know, a tiny supercomputer with a tappable screen for those few people that happen to carry one around anyway. :roll_eyes:


Do we actually know who will be ready for open banking in January 2018 and to what extent?

(yes I know the answer is suppose to be all of them but…)