Emma Feedback Thread / Q&A


It would be great if you could link dummy accounts to payments from one of your synced accounts and get an estimated balance.

This could work particularly well for savings accounts, I think

(Jonathon) #1301

Not for me? I see:

Available: £XXX,XX (ie. my Monzo balance)
Savings: £XX,XX (ie. my pots)
Debt: £XX,XX (ie. my credit cards)


Maybe it only merges them when you put something in investments?

Edited to add: that is indeed the case. I added my share accounts as investments and Emma merged the Available and Savings into one. Definitely the wrong move in my view. Savings and Investments are the more natural bedfellows if a merge has to be done.

(Neil Whitnell) #1303

Just to throw in my Emma code. Truly has been the best money management app I’ve tried.

(Grant MacGregor) #1304

Is anyone else’s ‘recent transactions’ crashing the app?


What happens if you create custom catagories as a pro user, but then your pro runs out? Do the new catagories disappear?

Also here is my link, if anyone is lurking and hasn’t used Emma yet and fancies a free month of Emma Pro! https://emma-app.com/invite/E45843

(Andy) #1306

I’m also curious about this.


Latest update on Android with Search is great! :+1:

Hidden accounts are now truly hidden too, which is a nice little tweak

I have been wondering for a while though why when you press Add investment it doesn’t also show the tab for other accounts, but when you press Add account it does show the Investment accounts tab… My OCD side coming to the fore here :slight_smile:


I recently found out something concerning about Emma’s use of the Monzo AIS API.

I removed my Monzo account from the Emma app some months ago, but despite this it seems that the app did not use the Monzo API logout method to invalidate its refresh token. This was confirmed by Monzo COps when they gave me a list of API clients that were authorised for my account (they were then able to manually revoke Emma’s access.)

According to the COp this behaviour by Emma is unexpected, they would expect the app to voluntarily logout from my Monzo account (thus invalidating any access or refresh tokens) at the point that I removed my account from the app. This also lines up with what I as a user would want, I don’t think the app should leave API authorisations in place when I’ve explicitly removed an account from the app.

Could you comment on this @edo1493?

P.S. I’m not sure if this behaviour is also the same for Starling, or accounts accessed via TrueLayer, as I don’t have any of these added to Emma.

(Edoardo Moreni) #1309

When Monzo launched the API they didn’t build a /logout endpoint, so we didn’t have it. I have passed this to an engineer, so we can include it now that is fully documented.

COp can confirm we haven’t accessed your account after deletion, cause we fully delete everything on our side.


Great, thanks for the (reassuring) response.

(Edoardo Moreni) #1311

The investments bit is just a quick shortcut. :slight_smile:

Regarding Pro, when deactivated, everything reverts back. Thanks to everyone who has upgraded/invited people. It means a lot to us.


I was using search and filters on Curve today and then search on Emma… A few filters would be very helpful, perhaps by account, date, amount, category etc.


So far, I’m enjoying Emma Pro, I like seeing all of my accounts. It tends to be the slow moving accounts like long term savings and shares that I needed to add manually so it’s not so bad if they don’t auto update.

And thanks to Matt for using my referral!

Anytime else want a free month of Pro too?