Embossed or not

Also, thermal printed gives us a much wider character set (as you don’t need a physical model for each character). As a result, you can have accents and special characters on your name, which isn’t possible with embossed cards.

Another hidden perk of Monzo Plus we should advertise :eyes:


Fun fact, a few months ago we had someone who legally changed their name to a famous celebrity’s child’s name (I will not attempt to pronounce it) and wanted to have it printed on a card.

Not enclosing the celebrity’s name, but you can probably guess


That Musk be an unusual request…… :eyes:


Was it short or Elon-gated?


Did you manage to do it in the end?

What about emoji?!

Yes. We printed it. Including the weird Latin Æ


Unfortunately our card manufacturers don’t support that. What a shame - it would have been revolutionary


Maybe the next time you put out for tender :thinking:

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Do you support emoji in email addresses by chance?

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You ok there?


Not after grammar like that, no. Are you sure you didn’t invent the word frauded? :wink::laughing:


Is there plans to have the numbers on the back of the hot coral card. It’s cleaner and makes my wallets not suffer from having the card Number wear into it :sweat_smile: @arthur-ceccotti


Is that not rather close to revealing customers’ personal details?

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No more than saying “Monzo have a customer named Neil / Bob / James / Tim / Alex” would, I expect. It’s non-specific and doesn’t identify any single person.

Saying “Celebrity child Pilot Inspektor Lee has a Monzo account” would be revealing customer details, as then a single person is being identified. Or in this case, saying “Monzo customer Neil 0 changed their name to a famous celebrity child’s name (I will not attempt to pronounce it)” would be identifying. But that line hasn’t been crossed at all.


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Thank you for your detailed response.

They take up no room in your wallet if you use your phone as a card :wink:

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