Elon Musk - X.com

Quite interesting listening to Elon Musk by Ashlee Vance, and how Elon tried to do something similar to :monzo: originally with X.com … interesting to hear how fraud was causing massive cost round about the time they hit 1 million customers…

Guess nowadays technology has moved on so much that this is possibly less of an issue when building a bank from the foundations up, I guess…

I reckon @tom should approach Elon as a budding entrepreneur with similar views (when he was younger) for the push of :monzo: into the US…

Great listen so far in any case if anyone is interested

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Elon Musk is toxic. Steer clear.


This is true, he definitely does not have the vibe of a millennial, not sure I’d like to work 23hour days either

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There’s definitely a personality disorder there. And no one works 23–hour days without assistance. He’ll just expire if he keeps going the way he likes to portray he does.

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I don’t know if he’s always been like this, I’ve not paid to much attention to him in the past, but unfounded (as far as I know) accusations of people being paedophiles in public and then the announcement he was taking his company private aren’t the signs of a stable man. Smoking weed live is also something share holders won’t be too pleased (despite the legalities) about as it adds fuel to the he’s unstable" fire.

I’ve no source for this but I’ve also heard he’s unpleasant to work with, I could be making that up.

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I’d say toxic is a bit of a harsh word, he’s just very focused which means he can drive people hard. He Is also clearly very smart and lacks EQ, leading him to point out holes in other’s intellect. (According to the first hour of the book).

I don’t want to talk for @j06, but I read “toxic” in this context as simply being detremental to Monzo.

Musk is suffering from negative PR, has had to negotiate an agreement with the SEC and is seen as beleaguered. This is not to take anything away from his achievements, but in terms of publicity at least, he would be likely to take away, rather than add to, Monzo’s kudos at the current time.

(Who’d have thought that would have been the case a year or two ago?!)


Actually that’s it. I have no idea what Musk is really like, but for whatever reason his narrative is playing out badly at the moment. The Musk ‘brand’ is definitely tarnished.