Sasha Yanshin - Constantly scare-mongering Monzo Customers

Is it just me or does anyone else get exhausted with Sasha continuously making people think Monzo is going to go bust!

In all his Videos about Monzo including his recent one all he does is just blab on gibberish making people think that Monzo is unethical for what it charges for etc. and its in a bad place

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No idea who they are


It’s clickbait. You clicking and watching is exactly what he wants and why he does it.


Didn’t know the chap but watching his most recent video (4 days ago) I found his analysis clear cut and pretty well balanced. Without fact-checking him, there doesn’t seem to be any Monzo-bashing in fact he compliments Pots.

The criticism doesn’t seem particularly vitriolic.

But I shan’t be subscribing……


According to his Linkedin Sasha is pretty well qualified to talk on the subject, as far as I can tell.


I only know the guy from the occasional videos that get posted on the annual report threads.

I’m not sure what his main schtick is but it was clear he has a limited understanding of business and investment models. On topics like investability, didn’t seem like someone worth paying attention to.

Oh also I remember thinking he should really brush his hair before recording a video. It looked like he’d just gotten out of bed.

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I think that’s a deliberate image decision, a la Boris Johnson.


I can say that, as a highly financially educated Monzo user (hopefully), if I have not heard of Sasha Yanshin, the majority of Mozo customers will not have too.

So idea they are scaremongering Monzo customers is probably a little strong. Maybe scaring gullible YouTube viewers who may or may not have a Monzo account?


Boris Johnson should also brush his hair

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I’ve heard that name on T212 forums.

He’s a professional…

…at making clickbait.


He could be scaring people who are researching before they join Monzo or who have already been concerned about Monzo’s potential problems. I think he is exploiting such topics to get viewers, picturing him as the good brave guy the exposes them, giving “unbiased” information to us, the regular user.
Spreading FUD is always rewarding in terms of popularity.

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anyone can puff their CV on linkedin, Companies House registers are much more fun to see how good someone who trades as a fintech consultant is.

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