Editing scheduled payment changes amount on save

Issue: Editing a scheduled payment sometimes changes the amount after saving

Details to reproduce:

  • Edit existing scheduled payment - screenshot 1
  • Change amount to correct amount - screenshot 2 & 3
  • Save, see it’s the correct amount - screenshot 4
  • Edit the payment, don’t change any details, save - screenshot 5
  • When it saves, it changes the amount to £2 - screenshot 6

I’m not sure if the £2 is coming from the first digit or it’s trying to set to my max account balance, as at the time, the account only has £2.xx in it. By the time the payment is due to come out there will be enough money in though, so it should allow it.

OS: iOS 17.5.1
Device: iPhone 13 mini
App Version: 5.75.0 #5750053