Duplicate payment from a transaction had been taken out of my account

I went to B&M yesterday bought few things and I received the receipt you get on your phone saying my transaction was successful and I’ve just woke up this morning to see that this payment was taken again this morning. Unsure how to go about asking B&M for the refund since with covid 19 and the items I purchased not been important I didn’t take the receipt to reduce contact as I know monzo gives a virtual one. But I know B&M wouldn’t accept it if I went into store to ask for the refund for the duplicates purchase

Monzo don’t give virtual receipts.

You can try and dispute the transaction through Monzo. Tap into one of the duplicate payments, scroll to the bottom and tap ‘something wrong get help’

You can then dispute the transaction by selecting the appropriate option on the next screen. However I believe you’ve to give the merchant 14 days to respond first. (it’s all explained on there)

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I know it’s not a virtual receipt but it shows the transaction has been made. I’ve just managed to get onto the live chat and it came up with a notification that this morning they received lots of complaints about duplicated payments and are working on it ! Although it’s a 13h waiting time to chat on live chat ! Thanks!

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We are aware of this issue and have contacted the acquirer (and merchants) through Mastercard.

They should have it resolved shortly! Just wait until the end of the weekend, hopefully :pray:


If they don’t, we will dispute each transaction on our side. Nothing for you to worry about :+1:


I have the same exact issue. I have just been in contact with Monzo c/s to have an update of the status and they told me that I need to contact the merchant and ask for the refund. They can’t do it for you. So very annoying.
If I can’t get fixed in 14 days(14!) they might help me

No bank can arbitrarily take funds from another persons account, I’d hate it if a bank tried that on me! Yes it is annoying but if this is a payment processor problem (or whatever it is) hopefully their customer service people have warned the affected businesses to be ready to handle whatever refunds are required.


I have spoken with an other lovely lady over the phone form c/s and she confirmed that it has been given to me the wrong information. They are still working on this issue, and the refund doesn’t have to be requested by me.
I guess it’s only matter of time now. Confident that I will see the refund soon

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I suspect they will be done tomorrow (working day)

I’m wondering, how do the other banks deal with this? Looking at this status update it seems like Monzo are the ones refunding the duplicate payments, does this mean other banks are doing so too but aren’t publicizing it, or is this issue specific to Monzo and other banks weren’t affected?

Well, the refunds we just submitted are out of Monzo’s pocket. Now we are chasing the acquirer for our money back. So instead of customers having to worry about where their money is, we have to :open_hands:


It’s a surpringly complicated problem, because when the acquirer submits the refunds now, it needs to go directly to Monzo’s account, not the customer’s account. Although I am sure customers would love being double-refunded


This is the type of thing oncall engineers like me have to be ready for. I was woken up at 6am on Saturday for this. So don’t worry, we are always here at the best interest of the customer :heart:


Thank you :monzo:


I feel like this is one of the things that needs to be marketed better. The fact that Monzo’s got your back even when merchants screw things up and will work in the background to make sure you aren’t affected.


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