[duplicate] Linked/threaded transactions

I created this account just to make this suggestion, only to find it exists here! Still, I’ll elaborate and hopefully the original suggestion will get some more attention.

My thought is essentially threading transactions, as Gmail does related emails. Perhaps showing a small line of text under a transaction that shows that there’s a related transaction. Tapping on it could show this, below the usual transaction information.

For my purposes, I like to keep an eye on money transfers. I’ve sent myself some money abroad and then sent it back from an account abroad and would like to be able to easily see the difference. I’d like the “refund”/return transaction to be linked, so I can easily see the difference. The accounts would of course be different and the transactions days apart, so perhaps it could be linked based on a custom reference entered by myself in both transactions and rules could auto match and link them.

Another example would be lending money to a friend and being able to later see when they repaid it.

Another might be a for a stockbroking company such as Freetrade; linking the deposit amount to the amount received when one cashes out after a sale, as it were.

I think there are many potential use cases for this.

The way it works on here is that if there is already a topic about it, you’re supposed to keep all the discussion within that topic. Especially if you’re asking for a feature.

This is because you can vote for features so by spreading the discussion across different topics, you’re also spreading the votes so it wont appear as popular as it may be :slight_smile: Monzo keep an eye on these numbers and it can influence their decision :wink:

Gotcha. Apologies. I’ll reply to the original thread and delete this.

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Can’t you already do this by looking at the transaction history?

“Number of transactions/payments”

You tap that and it will show you the history with any debits/credits?

No worries :smiley: It was a friendly suggestion by the way - don’t want to “attack you” on your first post :stuck_out_tongue:

No problem. Well, it’s my second. The first was basically complaining that I needed an account in the first place.

As it turns out, I lack the permissions to delete and can’t seem to flag my own post to complain that it needs to be deleted! If you could do that, I think it would help everyone. Thanks.

“Click here to post your idea on the forum”

“It says I get paid early at 4pm, it’s 3:30pm, why haven’t I been paid?”

We get enough people who can’t read, we don’t want to encourage more!

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I’ve changed your title so hopefully someone from @Coral-Crew will be along shortly and can close the thread.

I know you’ve said you made an account just for this suggestion but I would encourage you to stick around even if it’s just for the Feedback & Ideas category. You seem to be after the same level of transaction visibility as many of us and an extra voice is always useful. :+1:

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