Does paying in 3 on time with Flex affect your credit rating?

I’ve asked this Monzo chat but can’t seem to get a straight answer.

I simply want to know if using the pay in 3 over 3months using Flex affects your credit rating differently/adversley than just using the single usual payment option, even if the 3 monthly payments are made on time.

Any advice is appreciated. Thank you.

No. And your credit report isn’t something you should take this seriously.

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Your credit file will show borrowed amount longer. It’s like a credit card balance.

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Your credit report will show a running balance, because flex is reported akin to a credit card.

Your score isn’t important, made up number by credit agencies, nobody sees it but you,

Making payments on time and clearing your debt will maintain a healthy credit report.


The reason you can’t find out is that no one actually knows how lenders make lending decisions. We know broad strokes, we don’t know in this level of detail.

Generally, it seems unlikely this would affect any lending decisions much, the only exception being if you want to apply for credit in the next three months the outstanding balance may affect the amount a lender will lend you.