Does Monzo offer a joint account?

Hey Susan!

This isn’t something that is possible right now, unfortunately, but it is definitely something we are working towards offering somewhere in 2018 :grinning:


That’s a shame hopefully will get sorted ASAP in 2018 as it will eventually be a disadvantage for us too.

Hi @Susanpm and welcome to the community! :wave: :slight_smile:
I just moved your post here, so your feedback is visible in one of the main topics about joint accounts.

Hi @valerio, the key thing stopping me moving fully to Monzo current a/c is that I operate my current current account (:slightly_smiling_face:) as a joint account - are shared pots the answer to this? (My wife has a Monzo card as well.)


:wave: I’d love to hear more about this. What exactly do you use your joint account for? If you prefer, you can DM me!

This thought occurred to me too. I still prefer the idea of a proper joint account, though. When my wife and I got together over 40 years ago we agreed to pool everything and have done so ever since. “What’s mine is hers”, so it feels like only a proper joint account is going to do it for us.


I’m in the same boat, currently Barclays is our joint a/c. Currently, we use it for all bills/food and where our DD’s come out from - but i’d love to be fully Monzo’d if we could be.


Hey @nobankercol
I think Monzo mentioned before to have shared pots and also being able to pay directly from a pot. I think this in combination might be the solution for you.

+1 for joint accounts.

Pretty much a requirement if we were ever to switch over properly to Monzo

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For me, my joint account has a set amount transferred into it each month by my partner and myself. It is then used for all shared spending so mortgage, bills, shopping.

All personal spending is done through my Monzo CA.


^^ This.

I know some operate joint accounts as the “bills account”… But some don’t. And only having the option of both ways is ever going to be satisfactory.

For me I do everything out of my joint account!

My other half only works part time and with kids around we both need access to the money we have so we could actually operate without personal accounts. The only reason we use personal accounts is to buy each other Birthday/Christmas presents.

At the end of the day there is no such thing as my money and his money it’s all just our money that we spend living our lives and on our kids :man_shrugging:


I agree - my wife and I share all our money. Right now I earn about 3x her but she does WAY more child/house care, so me starting to send her an ‘allowance’ via Monzo is going to feel like a regression. Maybe a shared pot would feel less weird but a full shared account would be much nicer.


@dannyj - totally agree. Got to have the option, in all of this, to just share everything.

My wages go direct into our joint and so does my wife’s.

Then is a free for all on spending out side of bills. Eg my wife spends the rest of the left over money. :weary::grin::man_shrugging:t2:

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It is a shame about things like this as these are the features your customers are soon going to need before they switch. At least have the same features and options with things the existing legacy banks have. Then make them more feature rich and more efficient to build up your offering.

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Hey Valerio,
I’m on the side of having everything in one account and transferring funds to mine and my partners Monzo accounts. Both our salaries go into the joint account and all the bills come out. The money in our Monzo accounts is only used for personal spending at the moment. :pensive:


We do the exact same and works really well but would LOVE to have everything with one bank just for streamlining!

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Considering the amount of threads and posts on this, it is obvious that the demand is there and that joint accounts are more prevalent than maybe some at Monzo assumed.

I am waiting for something workable to be delivered before I finish with HSBC and start using my Monzo account properly.

It has been too long since we had a formal response and an update on the timeline.

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From 3rd Nov post above. So, keep an eye out for it next year sometime?

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