Does Monzo offer a joint account?

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I moved your post here since it matched your previous thread name the most. Joint accounts are pretty much a deal breaker for some people, so it’s good to add more feedback to this case! :smiley:

As for the posts, here’s complimentary info:

Like others, my wife and I have a joint account as a sign of commitment and a desire to share everything. Getting a joint account was one of the very first things we did when we got married. Since then, there have been periods when my wife has not had a job but she can still access OUR money rather than having the to ask me for money.

For us another benefit of a joint account is that, since I am the person who keeps an eye on our overall solvency, I need access to all our transactions. I don’t want to have to ask to borrow my wife’s phone to access her transaction history.


I’ve just been doing some reading and also if we have joint accounts at the moment we can only use the switching service to another joint account not to a sole account (Tom’s tweet as reference they are integrating the switching service)

So actually without Joint Accounts I will never be able to have the security of the switching service (and I may need it for credit forwarding for that 1st 12 months etc.)

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In an effort to reduce costs, we are looking to close the many banks accounts we have accumulated over time.

As the prepaid account is going (my partner and I both have one and really like the spending control this provides), we don’t really want out have to run a separate Monzo debit card account each, especially assuming there will be a monthly fee (that’s a 2nd question).

I’ve scanned through the posts in this category but can’t find the answers?

There are no plans for a monthly fee.

They plan to make money other ways such as overdraft fees and charging 3% for overseas cash withdrawals.

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I’ve moved your post here - where Joint Accounts have been discussed at length. There are no plans to charge for accounts currently.

This is half right - Monzo do indeed plan to offer overdrafts and will earn interest on those. However, plans for ATM fees abroad are yet to be announced. Should the 3% fee be introduced that only kicks in after £200 has been withdrawn over the period of a month. The 3% would then offset those free withdrawal costs. However, this is very off topic and I would suggest any conversation about ATM fees should be moved here: Monzo - ATM fee chat

Monzo are also transparent about how they plan to make money - the Marketplace being one of them.


I hope it could be done soon! I love my monzo and how I organise my finance and I would love to do that with my husband!

Will we be able to set up joint accounts?
If so - would this be possible if my wife is on android?

All the work is done on the server so the app doesn’t know nor care which OS the other person is using, however as far as I know joint accounts are far down the roadmap so I’m confident there’s nothing to test at the moment.

Back in March, Naji posted

We’ll be looking at joint accounts once we launch current accounts later this year. There are a few different approaches we’re toying with. It’s a popular request and lots of discussion around this feature [in the Forum]

There’s a lot of discussion about this on the forum already. Might be worth having a read through some of these:


I love my monzo card but as my husband and I have shared our bank account for the past 30 years we need to share our monzo card.
We would like two cards linked to the same monzo account so we can share our monthly budget sum. Please help! I am SO impressed with the card and its ability to keep running total/ info on what is spent where etc. But there is no point to having it if I can share it with my husband.

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Hey Susan!

This isn’t something that is possible right now, unfortunately, but it is definitely something we are working towards offering somewhere in 2018 :grinning:


That’s a shame hopefully will get sorted ASAP in 2018 as it will eventually be a disadvantage for us too.

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I just moved your post here, so your feedback is visible in one of the main topics about joint accounts.

Hi @valerio, the key thing stopping me moving fully to Monzo current a/c is that I operate my current current account (:slightly_smiling_face:) as a joint account - are shared pots the answer to this? (My wife has a Monzo card as well.)


:wave: I’d love to hear more about this. What exactly do you use your joint account for? If you prefer, you can DM me!

This thought occurred to me too. I still prefer the idea of a proper joint account, though. When my wife and I got together over 40 years ago we agreed to pool everything and have done so ever since. “What’s mine is hers”, so it feels like only a proper joint account is going to do it for us.


I’m in the same boat, currently Barclays is our joint a/c. Currently, we use it for all bills/food and where our DD’s come out from - but i’d love to be fully Monzo’d if we could be.


Hey @nobankercol
I think Monzo mentioned before to have shared pots and also being able to pay directly from a pot. I think this in combination might be the solution for you.