Does Monzo offer a joint account?

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Yes certainly a bit complicated but at least it is a well trodden path. I am worried that the pots idea will not meet our needs (and possibly be in uncharted legal territory) so couples like ourselves that want to be completely open with each other’s finances, may find themselves having to maintain a joint account elsewhere, which would have to hold the majority of our monthly funds. That then leads to the question of whether maintaining another current account (i.e. :monzo:) is worth it, which as an investor and fan I really don’t want to have to be asking myself!

Hopefully after the excitement over the foreign ATM poll calms down (1000+ posts in 18 hours!!), Tom and others might have time to come back to this subject and give us some more details on their plans in this area! :wink:



Joint finances are totally modern. I find it odd people run houses together without having joint accounts. Suspicious in my mind. Anyway, a joint Monzo would be grand.


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Hardly. My parents ran a joint account since the early 60s. Agreed that for joint household expenses it’s a must-have. I’m eager to see how Monzo will improve on this tried and tested arrangement.



Sorry BobT, think you misunderstood me. Was saying they’re not outdated nor old fashioned as you have indeed so ably demonstrated.


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I have not read the whole thread, but how about utilising pots? Have a ‘shared’ pot that you can share with another Monzo member, both can pay into the pot from their own account? Direct debits come out of that shared pot controlled by one account or both accounts.

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It sounds like that’s the plan :slight_smile:


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Great so basically that completely makes the point of joint accounts redundant … it’s a dated paradigm, many modern couples just have their own accounts and take responsibility of certain bills/food shops. Couples want their financial independance, shared pots will do this …

I really am really excited about pots more than anything else Monzo has to offer moving forward, my partner is on Monzo also and will simplify many things.


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That’s one view but it isn’t everyone’s. All of the legal stuff discussed above still needs to be considered.

Pots might be good enough.


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Yes, go read the thread and consider the legal arguments made out. I don’t think joint accounts are dated. They solve a simple problem, simply.


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So Monzo announced today the roll out of their energy switching service. This is a great idea and has been something that’s been talked about for years now from the start of Mondo. However, all of my bills come out of a joint account I share with my SO. Does this basically mean a huge chunk of what makes Monzo good, we won’t be able to benifit from? Or are there plans in the future to support joint pots for bills?

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This is the latest official word I could find:

I would be great to see some kind of update as to how this will be achieved.


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A rather sweeping statement and certainly not the general feel of the forums. Me and my other half have used a joint account for over 5 years exclusively.

We are running separate Monzo CA accounts but actually we have sacrificed a lot of usability to do so as we want the live balance updates and we can manage but we prefer to have it joint and to share our finances.



So my wife is a stay at home mom, and the only reason I have a joint account with my current bank is so that she can access the account easily and have legal right on it without any fuss or trouble.
This is also the main reason I cannot switch fully to the Monzo CA, although she has access to it from my phone.
I think it will be great to be able to manage this easily in a new Mobile Bank experience without all the fuss and pape work required by high street banks.


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If Monzo want my full business (standing orders, DDs overdraft etc then there are two conditions:

  1. I need a way of protecting my main account from fraud (cloning etc) by having a 2nd card or a virtual pot.
  2. I need a joint account as we share income and expenses completely!

I gather neither of these are imminent so Monzo are unlikely to get me as anything more than a pre-paid customer - using the CA card as i would revolut or …

I imagine I’m not alone in this!

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I don’t know whether that will change in the future?

Also prepaid will be would down, soon, in favour of personal current accounts.

It looks like Monzo is not the right product for you at this time.


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Hi Robin! :wave:

I moved your post here since it matched your previous thread name the most. Joint accounts are pretty much a deal breaker for some people, so it’s good to add more feedback to this case! :smiley:

As for the posts, here’s complimentary info:


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Like others, my wife and I have a joint account as a sign of commitment and a desire to share everything. Getting a joint account was one of the very first things we did when we got married. Since then, there have been periods when my wife has not had a job but she can still access OUR money rather than having the to ask me for money.

For us another benefit of a joint account is that, since I am the person who keeps an eye on our overall solvency, I need access to all our transactions. I don’t want to have to ask to borrow my wife’s phone to access her transaction history.


(James Murray-Ferris) #153

I’ve just been doing some reading and also if we have joint accounts at the moment we can only use the switching service to another joint account not to a sole account (Tom’s tweet as reference they are integrating the switching service)

So actually without Joint Accounts I will never be able to have the security of the switching service (and I may need it for credit forwarding for that 1st 12 months etc.)

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In an effort to reduce costs, we are looking to close the many banks accounts we have accumulated over time.

As the prepaid account is going (my partner and I both have one and really like the spending control this provides), we don’t really want out have to run a separate Monzo debit card account each, especially assuming there will be a monthly fee (that’s a 2nd question).

I’ve scanned through the posts in this category but can’t find the answers?



There are no plans for a monthly fee.

They plan to make money other ways such as overdraft fees and charging 3% for overseas cash withdrawals.

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3% ATM fee abroad
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Monzo - ATM fee chat