Do I need a business account?

I have read Monzo’s definitions and I think I am ok to use my personal account, but I thought I’d ask here (seeing as I can’t find the button to chat to support). I have not received any earnings yet, but wanted to get my ducks in a row first.

I am signed up to a online site where I complete tasks, and earn money for that, paid via PayPal. It is possible that I may go over the £1000 side hustle limit (and I will obviously pay tax if I need to).

I think that may come under the salary from self employment which Monzo list as ok in a personal account?

It’s not a business. You don’t need a business account.

Thank you for your fast reply :slightly_smiling_face:

@Rosie just a word of caution, as this sounds similar to a type of scam where you sign up to complete tasks (usually leaving movie or hotel reviews) and are told to deposit crypto into an account in order to withdraw your “commission”.

I just want to warn you in case you’re being asked to deposit money in order to complete these tasks, as if so, then I wouldn’t consider it to be legitimate. If any of the above sounds familiar to what you’re being asked to do, I would strongly suggest you stop now :pray:t2:

I know there can be some legit sites like this where you earn pennies to a few quid over time, but I’m always fraud prevent minded with this sort of stuff!


This sounds like a VERY common sophisticated scam that has been going around a while.

Not been job hunting lately to come across this, and discussed via WhatsApp by any chance?

@sheona on the ball before me! :raised_hands:t3:

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Thanks all for the warning. I have not had to deposit any money, nor will I if asked. It’s for Data Annotation, and as far as I can tell they are reasonably legit.

Thanks for looking out for a fellow user though :bouquet: