Do Cambodia, Vietnam & Thailand prefer USD even in the markets?

I am travelling to Cambodia, Vietnam & Thailand in February - is it best to take USD, will this also be accepted at the markets & tourist sites?

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In Thailand, only Bath are acceptable as mode of exchange for goods & services while in Vietnam & Cambodia, USD are widely being accepted . Places like hotels, guesthouses, taxis, cyclos and tourist spots as well as some restaurants accept USD in Vietnam.

I’ve done both Vietnam and Cambodia.

Use Dong in Vietnam (although just get it out of the hole in the wall rather than getting it upfront). Use USD in Cambodia would be my advice (and you can also get it from ATM). Although any change you get after paying with USD will be Riel.

I have lived in Vietnam and Cambodia and recommend local currency in both, prices tend to drop and things like street food will usually just be in local currency.

In Cambodia you can spend dollars in hotels and tourist restaurants, and actually in most places but you will get change in riel at the currency rate the person giving you the change makes up on the spot :smile:

In Vietnam, just use dong all the time. A few places might accept dollars, but it’s not worth keeping them. Thailand doesn’t accept dollars anywhere as far as I know.


I found in all three destinations that merchants mostly accept card, even contactless. It’s very dominate in Thailand.

I’ve only been to Vietnam and Thailand but both countries I’d use the local currency. Particularly Thailand which is a fairly advance financial setup - cards widely accepted in shops.

In fact in Thailand I’d be surprised anything other than the Baht is accepted. I’ve never seen anyone use dollars or anything else really. It’s a pretty modern country.

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