Display running balance with each entry

To reconcile your account you could download your monthly statement which gives you your running balance, print it and file it, to refer back to and compare with your spreadsheet :slight_smile: , I find that much better than crowding my feed…different folks eh :slight_smile:


Replacing a number that’s irrelevant to me with one that isn’t doesn’t sound like clogging up a feed.

Except that nothing will be ‘replaced’ since that number will have meaning for some people who won’t want to lose it. Why would Monzo just put themselves in the inverse position to the one they’re in now? Thus we’re back to additional things in the feed hence, probably, the discussion of clutter.

I think you should be able to “pull” a transaction to the left and it would show you the balance at that point.


I was about to say this, pulling to the side should unveil running balance, Maybe the pull to the left should show a running nalance column for all transactions though, not just the one

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So i thought of perhaps a way of doing this in the current setup.

To be able to see balances and scroll through and see balances at a certain date in the past.

The first step would be to fix the feed to the just below card level. You would still be able to tap the top of the card which would cause the feed to roll down and reveal the buttons below the card. Tap the card or the top of the feed to return it to its fixed position. The reason it needs to be fixed is to prevent false scrolling etc. but maybe im biased but i think the feed is too sensitive at the moment personally so would like it to be fixed to take away some of the jumping about.

From that fixed position if you scroll down through the feed the left to spend balance and budget bar change into a scroller and a balance with the date, (excuse my crap mockups) but i think it could look like the below. Could keep your main balance there as reference also?

I would find it extremely useful to see the current account balance under each line of in/out transaction.

This will allow me to look back over the past month of transaction and see the total at each transaction rather then adding each line to match the money to the total monzo says was at the start.

Setup an IFTTT applet to write each transaction to a Google sheet and keep a running log of your spending total that way as a workaround to not have to add it up?

Or download a statement.

Or export the CSV and use it in a spreadsheet.

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Not sure if this has been suggested before but I’m struggling to following my transactions and plan my spending as there’s no balance figure after each day’s transaction.

Is it just me or does anyone else think this would be super helpful too?


I would love this feature. +1

I know there’s workarounds, but using IFTTT etc takes you outside the app experience.

I would suggest having it so that for each transaction, you can swipe/pull it to the left and then see what the net result of that transaction had on your account (similar to how in many messaging apps, you can pull individual messages to see time stamps)

Hopefully that will be changing :soon: too :crossed_fingers: