Discretionary Commission Arrangement and the FCA

Is anyone here making an inquiry about discretionary commission arrangements and car finance ahead of the FCA ruling? It would be good to hear how other people have got on.

Personally I have made 2 enquiries to BMW finance and they claim they can’t find my details despite being given agreement numbers, addresses, car number plates etc etc

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I got the same reply from my finance company (FCA Automotive) and then they abruptly closed the case so I had to start over with a fresh enquiry. I’m still waiting to see what they say this time round.

I’ve got three that have all acknowledged that I had a DCA in place
Mercedes Finance
Barclays Partner Finance

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I had 2, with VWFS, confirmed that no DCA was included :eyes: :frowning_face:

If they’re older than 6 years, that may be the case.

I’ve submitted 4 claims, 2 have acknowledged the claim, 2 haven’t yet (and have about 12 days left to respond)

Blackhorse :white_check_mark:
Close Brothers :white_check_mark:
PSA finance x 2 :x: :x:

4 submitted:

Mercedes x2: Generic acknowledgment email, no response to case.
Blackhorse: DCA specific acknowledgment email, no response to case.
PSA (Stellantis): No response.

BMW FS and Blackhorse submitted a while back when Martin Lewis mentioned it in one of his newsletters.

Both of which have acknowledged my request.

Acknowledged the request but not come back on wether you had a DCA? Would be interested to see how you get on with BMW as they have been a bit useless for me

I think it’s way too soon for any of them to acknowledge DCA.

The FCA has paused the requirements on firms to deal with complaints until at least 25th September 2024.

Yes but they are still telling people now if you had a DCA in place

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I’ve had another holding update from Blackhorse overnight:

Stellantis have now responded confirming that discretionary commission was not paid.
Three to go…

Submitted a claim with Motovono as soon as Martin Lewis mentioned it. They have accepted that discretionary commission was part of my agreement and now my complaint is “on hold” even though there was more in my complaint than just the DCA.

4th time lucky with mine. Everytime I submit a case, I keep receiving a templated response stating that they can’t find my policy and my case is now closed. And you can’t reply.

With each new claim I mention this, ask what additional information they need, but that doesn’t seem to change the outcome :angry:

my update is BMW Finance seem to have now found my 2 agreements but have not updated on whether a DCA was in place

My mate is having the same experience with BMW finance for three agreements

One claim with Blackhorse. I get regular emails from them confirming they’ve got the request but are still reviewing.

I’ve finally heard back from mine

After making a reasonable and proportionate search of our records (and making due enquiries with appropriate third parties), we’ve not yet found out if we paid a commission to the dealer and, if so, whether it was a discretionary commission. This is due to the historic nature of your agreement with us.

They then went on to apologise and now the case is closed :confused: It’s only a few year old and within the timeframe allowed to make a claim, so I’m not sure what other recourse I have :pensive:

surely they can tell what apr you were paying and they must know what they were allowing as the lowest apr. What finance company was that?