Deliveroo integrate with Monzo to Split the Bill

Am I the first to spot this? Just noticed it when ordering dinner!



When clicking it asks for your username and then asks how many ways you want to split it and then gives you sharing options for the link

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That’s pretty sweet. I can’t say I’ve seen any notification of this.

That’s really cool! This hasn’t happened for me, is it only in the CA app?

I don’t really know… I was trying to figure out how it knew I was using Monzo and then I realised I had paid with my CA debit card. only currently works with the prepaid card though so I guess it’s probably only an early trial.

Woo, glad this has launched! They told us about this a couple of weeks ago but we weren’t allowed to say anything.

I believe this is Android only for right but it’s so cool! I think they’ll bring it to iOS as well.


This is really nice can’t wait to see more apps intergrated :slight_smile:


An Android only delivery. Those Android fans will be happy :wink:

In truth good to see it’s not always iOS only. Functionality looking good too. Though I need to look what deliveroo is, assuming an alternative to Just Eat?

Edit: my area is not covered. Think this is why I don’t know much about it.

The difference between it and Just Eat is that restaurants that don’t normally deliver are on Deliveroo. So you’ll see chains like Wagamama, Gaucho and Nando’s. It’s people being paid by Deliveroo collecting and delivering your order, unlike Just Eat who is just a middleman between you and the shop.


Write-up from Deliveroo about implementation:


Discussed in the blog post here: