Deleting your account

I’ve email but had no reply from them yet and am wondering how long it takes for them to reply, did my email not get received?

When did you email because less than an hour ago you wanted a new card?


Just to be clear, do you mean your account on here or your bank account?

To answer your question though… Email takes a long time to get a reply (several days) as they focus all their resource on in app chat for existing customers.

I’ve been trying to get a card for a week now and just found this community thing this morning. I had lost hope and was trying to close my account and sent an email 2 days ago and then saw the community tab and thought maybe this can help. So I created a post and got the answer that I need to be in the uk. So it’s been about 2 days

do you have an account and have lost your card though ? you are not very clear about this in your messages , you can get a card sent abroad to replace an existing card that you have lost , search in app for sending card abroad …

No I am a first time customer and want the first card to be shipped somewhere else

So you signed up and when it asked where you live, you put your UK address in and then realised that you don’t live there?

If that’s the case, you have the following options:

  1. Email Monzo and ask them to close your account (expect a long wait)
  2. Get someone to go to your flat to retrieve your card and post it to you
  3. Leave your card at your flat until you return and then start using it. (it won’t expire)

Personally I’d go with step 3, even if you don’t plan on using it. As opening and closing accounts can impact your credit rating.


Takes a few days for an email reply

1st card has to go to a UK address

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I haven’t the power to delete your posts … unfortunately …and I dont think I would delete your spurious allegations as it shows how provocative you are trying to be when asked to substantiate them and you cant :slight_smile: - Im still waiting as a forum member who happens to be Toms uncle for you to back up your statement of “proven fact” that Tom was fired from Starling … you can even PM me with your substantiated “fact” if your posts get removed …I will wait for your proof, and I know damn well as a fact you won’t be able to produce it.


We’re all waiting. Just not with any great expectations of achieving anything.

well that’s one of more bonkers things I’ve ever read on here.


Explains a lot, though. :joy:

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Not during your cooling off period. As long as you withdraw your intention to open an account within 14 days of opening it, it should have zero impact on your credit rating. I did this with Starling when they first launched.

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