Defrost animation

Hi, I am new here. Followed mondo :wink: for quite a while though.

Really like the Defrost function. Luckily haven’t had to use it yet. I can imagine in the Alpha it will see quite a lot of use though. A nice touch would be if the Defrost overlay worked its way inwards on triggering the button. It doesn’t really have any practical edge but would be a nice polished touch.



Hey @Firethought we’re on the same page, this transition definitely needs some extra love! Here is a preview of how it might work, would be great to get this into the App before Christmas! :snowflake::snowman_with_snow:

edit: (yay for image compression! :neutral_face:)


Awesome work! :slight_smile:️:ok_hand: :cloud_with_snow:️:cloud_with_snow:️:cloud_with_snow:️:cloud_with_snow:️:cloud_with_snow:️:cloud_with_snow:️:cloud_with_snow:️:cloud_with_snow:️:cloud_with_snow:️:cloud_with_snow:️:cloud_with_snow:️

The little things! :heart_eyes:

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You’re going to love the next app update :wink:

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