3D Touch on Mondo app?

(Chris Black) #1

Hello :blush:

I think that would be great to have 3D Touch feature on Mondo App in and out on the mondo icon. That’s all :raised_hands:t3:

Ps. I just received my mondo card, and used it , I was soooo excited to have it and to use it :heart:️ I love it ! Keep that work.

(Stuart Cameron) #2

Have a look here. I’m sure it’s already been rolled in TestFlight!

(Tristan Thomas) #3

It’s coming very soon! :wink:

(Adam) #4

@stuart is right, it is currently live in the TestFlight version.

(Chris Black) #5

Woooo, that’s great ! :ok_hand:t3::dancing_women:

(Barry McKelvey) #6


I’d deleted Mondo from TestFlight when the Mondo App was live in the App Store.

How do I add it to TestFlight again?



(Dann) #7

As an investor, is there a way I can gain access to the TestFlight betas??