Declined Monzo Payments & Credit Score

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My question: I use Monzo as a daily card for budgeting purposes, I top-up every month and use it for day to day purchasing (as well as overseas use). Occasionally my card is declined because the top-up has been exhausted. Generally I promptly add money, sometimes use the card again for the same payment successfully. Can anyone speaking from experience answer what if any affect this has on my credit score?

I realise a credit score is an often vaguely defined topic and different banks, lenders etc. use different criteria to score you. So the answer may not be straightforward. But I look forward to your input.

There is of course a lot of discussion about Monzo and Credit Score to be found here, so if anyone knows where to find this exact answer please don’t hesitate to send a link.

Thank you.

Card declines aren’t reported to CRAs, not even on credit cards so you are safe.


Thanks for the prompt reply Rjevski.

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Also, from what you’ve described, sounds like you don’t have an overdraft with Monzo, which means they aren’t providing you with any credit facility, only debit.


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