Decent Mobile Busines Banking

Does anyone know of decent mobile busines banking apps?

I tried Tide just before Starling opened business accounts and it was just incredibly slow. I’m used to Faster Payments being, well, fast. Especially when charging 20p a transaction (which is fine) I kinda expect them to work. Also their fees don’t show up until the end of the month, which is really helpful and it makes it feel like a traditional bank (even though they’re not a bank).

Starling is ok, and the cheapness of it makes it even better, but it’s clunky compared with Monzo. At least faster payments actually work fast with this one.

  • The chat implementation is “real time” so you have to wait in-app for someone to respond. Like being on hold with no audio. I missed a few conversations because I thought it worked like Intercom in Monzo.
  • The implementation of adding notes to transactions and the whole transaction screen feels a bit clunky and looks like there’s bits missing.
  • PIN and password usage is a bit random. Better hope you’ve written them down when you want a bank statement! Touch ID only unlocks the basic app.
  • Transaction notifications are a little basic too. Monzo’s normalisation of transactions seems to be a bit better.

Am I just spoiled by the work the Monzo team have done? Haha

(psssst Monzo, make business accounts a thing please)


Transferwise Borderless? I think you can open one in the name of a business.

Have a look at Tide.

The OP says they have tried tide already?

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Oops, my bad.

In the same boat… Xero support and team cards are the only thing making me keep my Tide account open. Waiting for transfers is an odd feeling for a mobile service, and the lack of notifications (even as an option) is slightly disappointing. It’s had its share of teething issues too.

Starling isn’t quite there yet but it feels a lot more solid. A Monzo take on business accounts would get my attention though!

I’ve just started using Tide and the sign up process was quick, transfers are not instant but still received payment within 30 mins. There are no notifications on payment at the moment and I just really wish I could either have another Monzo account (without having another phone) for my business.

I’ve just setup a limited company after being a sole trader as things are going good and I’ll be very happy when I can come back to Monzo for all my banking.

Have a look at Starling Bank’s business accounts, they come with instant notifications and instant transfers.

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Can confirm for Starling, I think it’s the best business account at the moment. It is a proper bank so you get FSCS protection unlike with Tide and other e-money institutions.

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