Decent Mobile Busines Banking

(Joe) #1

Does anyone know of decent mobile busines banking apps?

I tried Tide just before Starling opened business accounts and it was just incredibly slow. I’m used to Faster Payments being, well, fast. Especially when charging 20p a transaction (which is fine) I kinda expect them to work. Also their fees don’t show up until the end of the month, which is really helpful and it makes it feel like a traditional bank (even though they’re not a bank).

Starling is ok, and the cheapness of it makes it even better, but it’s clunky compared with Monzo. At least faster payments actually work fast with this one.

  • The chat implementation is “real time” so you have to wait in-app for someone to respond. Like being on hold with no audio. I missed a few conversations because I thought it worked like Intercom in Monzo.
  • The implementation of adding notes to transactions and the whole transaction screen feels a bit clunky and looks like there’s bits missing.
  • PIN and password usage is a bit random. Better hope you’ve written them down when you want a bank statement! Touch ID only unlocks the basic app.
  • Transaction notifications are a little basic too. Monzo’s normalisation of transactions seems to be a bit better.

Am I just spoiled by the work the Monzo team have done? Haha

(psssst Monzo, make business accounts a thing please)

(Andre Borie) #2

Transferwise Borderless? I think you can open one in the name of a business.

(Marcel Ruhf) #3

Have a look at Tide.

(Drew sanders) #4

The OP says they have tried tide already?

(Marcel Ruhf) #5

Oops, my bad.

(Cameron) #6

In the same boat… Xero support and team cards are the only thing making me keep my Tide account open. Waiting for transfers is an odd feeling for a mobile service, and the lack of notifications (even as an option) is slightly disappointing. It’s had its share of teething issues too.

Starling isn’t quite there yet but it feels a lot more solid. A Monzo take on business accounts would get my attention though!