Debit Card Top-Up fail

Whenever I try to top up using my S*******r debit card, I get an error message saying Sorry, your card was declined. Please try a different card. But when I re-enter details manually, everything works. Anyone have the same problem?

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Assume you mean Santander? Which card network issued the card?

It could be a problem with the recurring instruction. Now that you’ve entered the details manually, are you able to do another top up without re-entering, or does the issue continue to persist?

Not from Mondo, but a lot of those questions should help to identify the issue :slight_smile:

yeah, its santander,and the problem persists, so every time I want to top up, I need to reenter the details manually :slight_smile: and my bank card is a Visa

Hey @Sonia, that sounds very odd…could you update to the latest version and let me know if that still happens?

Hi Tristan, I have the latest version currently :confused:

Hi Tristan, could you please let me know whether anyone else’d experienced the same issue as me on this? My top up is always declined, I need to re-enter details manually- I have pretty bad memory for numbers, and wouldn’t want to carry that info written down anywhere…

I have the latest version of the app, and even tried re-installing it to fix the issue.

I’m, getting the same thing every time I try to top up with a Nationwide debit card

Hey both, can you drop our in-app chat a message? :slight_smile: They should be able to check for you!

I did a few times, and the response I normally get is " our engineers are looking into that"

Hey Sonia, I’ll take a look for you now then :slight_smile:

Update: I can’t see any messages from you about this in the last month—feel free to message us again with a detailed explanation of the issue and we’ll take a look!

Hi Tristan,

it happens virtually every time, so I don’t really message every time it happens, because it’s clearly not a one-off bug, so let me know if there’s anything else I can do to help!

Me too. My debit card is also Satander’s Top-up Debit card…

Hi @tristan!
Do you know why I can’t top up my account with my debit card? Just moved to London and still figuring out how to top up my Monzo…

You would be better off contacting customer support via the in app chat as they are 24/7 and can help you with this.

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That was quick…
Thank you @anon72173902 !