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Wild thought, maybe dark mode code is in the latest update and the flag for dark mode will be flipped on Halloween? :jack_o_lantern:


Let’s hope so!

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Please implement Dark Mode correctly so it utilises OLED screens. Full black = pixel if off (not using power). Grey black = pixel is on (using power)

I think I read somewhere that with OLED screens, changing a pixel from dark grey to black does not actually save as much energy as you’d expect since the power difference between dark grey and black is much less than between white and dark grey.

I’d probably prefer a dark grey theme since I find it easier to read white text on that background than on black!

Edit: Found the article - https://www.xda-developers.com/amoled-black-vs-gray-dark-mode/


Any updates on this one? :nerd_face:




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The only thing I’ve heard is that staff like the idea but I haven’t heard it suggested that anyone has a budget (time/resources) to do anything about it. However:

a) just because I don’t remember hearing anything doesn’t mean it’s not happening
b) they do, occasionally, just spring stuff on us.

Dark mode would be lovely and I’ve voted but if it takes them away from Pot ordering/hiding, payee management, Interest statements and a whole load of other stuff I can cope with the white screen for a while longer.

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No, we need dark mode now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Boggles the mind this isn’t automatic in 2018.

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i would love a dark mode, have it set on every app that its available, much better for your eyes.

I’d like to change my opinion. I have voted for this.

We need Dark Mode to match the my mood today.


@gmclean i totally back this.

Just close your eyes and sit in a dark room, its the same thing


It’s really not.

On a serious note, where is Monzo up to with this as its something that alot of people are after, Dark Mode is becoming a big fashion and if Monzo beat all the other banks to it; this will be a one-up for Monzo.

Lets turn off the lights :bulb: :nerd_face: