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I’d love a Dark Mode, just like Twitter. I find it much better on the eye in dark mode and it’s nice if users have some ability to customise.


Dark Mode? have i miss something here?

Not sure if @ajukco means “Dark Mode” for Discourse? (the forum software) or the Monzo phone app? :smiley:

Heck, I’d love both :joy:

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I was thinking the app mainly. But could be done on the forum too :wink:

nexusmaniac[1] Marcus Nailor[2] Regular
January 11
Not sure if @ajukco[3] means “Dark Mode” for Discourse? (the forum
software) or the Monzo phone app? :smiley:> Heck, I’d love both :joy:

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DonPedro[5] Henry Pedro[6] Crowdfunding Investor
January 11
Dark Mode? have i miss something here?

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Simple enough, help my eyes and make my phone look more beautiful since all my other apps are dark. You can even have a black theme to save those amoled displays some battery.


Wow 1 year anniversary thread revival! :grin:

There is a dark mode for the forums so you’re half way there already :slight_smile:


Which, for reference for those not using it, looks like this:

With Facebook Messenger launching dark mode earlier this month, and my phone being OLED (I use less battery in dark mode), a dark mode for Monzo would be great. It’s not as important as cheque imaging or showing the balance that overdraft charges are based on, but it would be nice.

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My account is always in dark mode…



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This would be AWESOME!!! Goes inline with iOS13’s predicted dark mode!!

It’s not true dark but it’s miles better then the bright white that is set as default.

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I’d love to see dark mode inside the app on all platforms - given I have an OLED screen on my phone so it’s not only then protecting my eyes, but also my battery. :smirk:

Here’s hoping that v3.0 has support for this?

I would hope that any form of dark mode is optional. I can’t look at that colour scheme for very long without it having the same after-effect as staring directly at a light bulb or the sun for a few seconds.

Websites with light text on dark backgrounds are a no-go zone for me. One of the benefits of the Reading view on my iPad is that I can at least switch to a “normal” white page to actually read the content.

Accessibility needs to be considered for different people’s eyesight issues.


Please Please can we get a Dark Mode for the app?

Almost everything i have has this option so when i open to check my Monzo my eyes get melted by the white background

I know some will prefer the current colour scheme, but i would think more would want a dark mode option, the dark navy blue background when you initially launch the app as the background would be great with white text for the transactions?

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I’ve moved your post over to an existing thread on this topic

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Definitely NOT following Android then…

I’m on the autistic spectrum who many of you know are not a fan of bright lights, so could Monzo have a Dark Mode feature if there isn’t already one?

I think this will be an option on iOS 13 anyway and android Q

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