Dark Mode Prevents Upgrading to Plus or Premium

Issue: I was having issues attempting to upgrade to Monzo Plus or Premium as every time I pressed “Get Monzo Plus” or “Get Monzo Premium”, the app would crash instantly. I spoke with customer support a couple times, first they suggested it may be the lack of activated card (I’m a relatively new customer) so when my first card arrived and was activated, I tried again with no luck. In the second conversation they suggested it’s due to dark mode being enabled - disabling it to upgrade worked fine and I was able to enable it again after upgrading with no problems. Now I’m trying to reproduce the problem, having upgraded to Monzo Plus last week, and upgrading to Premium doesn’t crash the app (could be only from free → Plus/Premium, could be fixed already, idk).

Details to reproduce:

  1. Have the free Monzo account
  2. Enable dark mode in Settings > Monzo Labs, then Settings > Theme > Select “Dark”
  3. Navigate to the Get Monzo Plus/Premium screen through any means
  4. Tap on “Get Monzo Plus” or “Get Monzo Premium”
  5. App crashes

OS: Android 8.0.0, Samsung Experience Version 9.0
Device: Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 (SM-A520F)
App Version: My current version is 4.12.1, if there was an update in the last week then it would have been the previous version.