Dark Mode on FB Messenger

Anyone tried this yet?

Apparently the secret to enable is to send a :crescent_moon: emoji in any chat (you can even send it to yourself).

That’ll unlock the setting.


Just did it.
Looks super cool and doesn’t hurt my eyes when messaging friends at night for 4 hours…


Wish they’d enable this for WhatsApp too.


Been using since I found out and it’s so much better than the painful white glare haha.

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Just set it up, I love it

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Set it up the other day and I love it. Looking forward to the new dark mode that’s coming to twitter too.

Much nicer to view when in the dark + better for my battery since I have an oled screen.

To add… I’m hoping the next version of iOS has dark mode.

Would be neat if you could schedule apps to switch to dark mode after sunset. :new_moon:


You can set a (kinda) black background, which helps!

Just did it, looks good.

Some apps have this - It’s annoying more devs don’t build this in as it’s a great feature!

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You get “Nightshift” in iOS but that only tackles blue light (I think thats the term) and so is still quite a strain on your eyes; so the dark mode was a welcome addition to messenger for me; thought I rareyly use messenger these days.

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